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Moving to New Home Will
Increase During the Spring Period!

Nowadays, people are spending most of the day in residences within the scope of coronavirus measures that affect the whole world. The needs also to change with the conditions. This is the reason around April people are preparing move new houses.



The coronavirus pandemic has turned life upside down. Many people work from home, education continues remotely, family members sharing the same environment almost cannot fit into the houses. For this reason, many people are planning to change their homes as the vaccine becomes widespread and the virus is slightly reduced.


Real estate needs have also changed after the coronavirus entered our lives. There has also been an increase in the demand for immovable properties, which now have high-speed internet, with more room numbers, to work from home. In addition, the demand for villas, detached houses, and summer residences that offer an alternative living space has increased considerably.




Interest Increase Mostly to the New Houses


Apart from the number of rooms, earthquake risk is also taken into consideration. Although the price is a priority criterion in house selection, it can be said that the interest in new houses has increased. Instead of the old large square meters, newly built smaller square meter houses are preferred. Newly married people, on the other hand, prefer to buy rather than rent, even if it is a small house. The primary reason for this is that the cost increase in new constructions will cause house prices to rise even more.


The Value of Ground Floor Houses Increased




Coronavirus pandemic changes the lifestyle and needs. In the lockdown circumstances, people start to show interest in the ground floor houses because of the garden usage. Especially, the big amount of interest shows from the families with children. Families who are planning the quality time with children are excited about the houses which have garden usage.