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Kivanc Tatlitug Is Looking for
a House in Mount Ida

After the actress Serenay Sarikaya and Muge Boz, Kivanc Tatlitug also decided to settle down in the Kaz Mountains. The handsome actor is on a real estate hunt and looking for an authentic stone house.


Tatlitug decided that if he cannot find the house he wants, he will be built his house for himself. For this reason, the famous actor also searching for land.


Ayvacik, where the successful actor Tuncel Kurtiz settled first, then attracted many famous actors here. Serenay Sarikaya, who also owns a residence from here, the region has become a popular destination for many actors and actresses. Such as Halit Ergenc. After Serenay Sarikaya left Cem Yilmaz, she and her mother were in Mount Ida.



Where is Mount Ida?


Mount Ida, which is between Canakkale and Balikesir provinces, is located in the north of the Edremit Bay and its other known name is called Kaz Mountains.

Separating the Marmara Region and the Aegean Region from each other, Mount Ida is at the top of the regions where the most oxygen is found in the world after the Alps.


After the efforts to protect the region and bring the unique place to the future, it was first protected as the Mount Ida National Park in 1994, and it has been reached until today. There is also the special Mount Ida Tea obtained from the teas collected in Mount Ida, where more than 800 plant species are located.


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