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Is it Profitable to Invest in
Property in Turkey?

Property investment in Turkey nown as a safe investment tool for long time. Both domestic and foreign real estate investors saw property as a safe investment tool. So is it profitable to invest in property Turkey in 2021?


Milliyet Newspaper columnist Zeynep Aktas evaluated safe investment tools in Turkey. Here is Zeynep Aktas's article...




The revival experienced in the global and local markets in autumn highlights the real estate, gold and foreign exchange trio known as the “safe haven” in investment tools in Turkey.


These tools stand out as fast-growing and most profitable investment tools in Turkey. The reviving course continues in the real estate markets after the interest rate decision.


While the Stock Exchange Index was at the level of 1.384, the dollar rate raised to 8.88 Turkish Liras. Now, the eyes are on companies with a high foreign exchange position. So, do companies with high foreign currency positions bring in?


By taking the foreign exchange position into account, we ranked the industrial companies in the stock market according to their market values and evaluated them according to the return.


When we look at the 15 industrial companies with a market value between 8 billion Turkish Liras and 60 billion Turkish Liras, it is seen that the foreign exchange position of nine companies is negative.


Individual investors will not change their preferences in real estate, gold and foreign currency as a safe haven. Those who take the lead in risky assets will turn to fast-growing areas as a conjuncture.