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How Do Buildings Are Going to Be
in Turkey in the Future?

With the Covid-19 outbreak, the housing demands of citizens have also changed. The culture of working from home becomes widespread. People want a house with a garden, a large balcony, and a terrace.



Environment and Urban Planning Minister Murat Kurum made statements regarding the new housing demand that developed with the pandemic, urban transformation, and social housing works, and the stage reached in the zero-waste project.

Minister Kurum emphasized that the Covid-19 epidemic process has changed the working conditions.




He continues his words as follows "Now we spend a long time in homes. Houses are no longer just a shelter. The demand for the number of rooms will increase. Again, the demand for outdoor uses such as larger terraces, floor gardens, wider balconies, vertical agriculture will increase. "


The institution stated that they start an urban transformation and social housing project with a total value of 25 billion TL this year with 80 thousand residences. In Turkey, the investment value of the field is 272 thousand TL. 81 billion over the continued construction of social housing and urban renewal housing, he said. 

Kurum said, "Environment and Urban Planning Ministery is overhauling the building stock that needs to be transformed’’




According to the 2021 Program signed by President Erdogan, residences and their surroundings will be built in line with the demands and needs of citizens in the new period. It considers the development trend and characteristics of residential settlements. Affordable construction and financing methods will be developed to solve the housing problem of lower-income groups. Houses will be designed following the needs of the elderly, children, and disabled people.