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Housing Sales Statistics
in March 2021

111 thousand 241 Houses were sold in March throughout Turkey


With an increase of 2.4 percent, the housing sales throughout Turkey became 111 thousand 241 in March 2021 compared to the same month of the last year.


Istanbul had the highest share in housing sales with 22 thousand 7 house sales and 19.8%. According to sales statistics in March 2021, Istanbul was followed by Ankara with 11 thousand 3 house sales and 9.9% share, and İzmir with 6 thousand 636 house sales and 6.0% share.

The cities with the lowest number of housing sales respectively, were Ardahan with 15 housing sales, Hakkari with 16 housing sales and Tunceli with 52 housing sales.



Housing sales declined by 22.9% in the January-March period


In the January-March period, housing sales declined by 22.9% compared to the same period of last year as 263 thousand 50. While the mortgaged housing sales become 47 thousand 216 with a decline of 63.5% and other sales types with an increase of 1.9% become 215 thousand 843.

During this period, new houses sold declined by 25.2% to 80 thousand 370, while resale housing sales 182 thousand 680 with a decrease of 21.8%. If you are planning to buy apartments for sale in Istanbul click the link.


Housing Sales Statistics to foreigners in March


According to the data of the Turkish Statistical Institute 4 thousand 248 houses were sold to foreigners in March 2021.  Real estate sales to foreigners raised by 39.9% compared to the same month of the last year and became 4 thousand 248. In the housing sales made to foreigners, Istanbul took first place in March with 2 thousand 119 housing sales.

Istanbul was respectively, followed by Antalya with 889 housing sales, Ankara with 252 housing sales, Mersin with 184 housing sales and Yalova with 129 housing sales.

Real estate sales to foreigners in the January-March period declined by 9.7% compared to the same period of last year and made 9,887 housing sales.




The Most Housing Sales were made to Iranian Citizens


In March 2021, Iranian citizens bought 663 properties from Turkey. Iranian citizens were respectively, followed by Iraq with purchasing 644 houses, Russian Federation with 419 houses, Afghanistan with 302 houses and Kazakhstan with 166 houses.