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Housing Sales Rate
City by City in Turkey

Housing sales in Turkey in 2020, has signed a record. When the city-based evaluation is made, there was a decrease in the housing sales in 9 provinces where Bolu, Bartin, and Cankiri are located.

Despite all over the world under the influence of the coronavirus has scored a record housing sale in Turkey. Movements in housing sales in many countries pandemic period remained unchanged while Turkey finished with record sales figures in 2020. Moreover, foreign purchases have increased considerably in sales.


According to the data; the provinces with no increase in housing sales were Bolu, Bartin, Çankiri, Kahramanmaras, Zonguldak, Antalya, Mardin, Manisa and Osmaniye.

Istanbul was the country where most houses changed hands across the country. 




In 2020, an average level of housing sales was made in Istanbul. In the province, which completed 2019 with 237 thousand 675 housing sales, the 2020 sales figure increased by 11.53 percent to 265 thousand 98.


Other provinces performing above average are Karabuk with 11.66 percent increase, Van with 11.89 percent, Yalova with 12.13 percent, Aydın with 12.39 percent, Adana with 12.68 percent, and Kayseri with 12.84 percent. Kars with 12.85 percent, Isparta with 12.95 percent, Giresun with 12.99 percent, Erzurum with 13.03 percent, and Kilis with 12.54 percent.


The provinces that received well by increasing their sales by 15 percent to 20 percent were Agri, Denizli, Yozgat, Kocaeli, Izmir, Sakarya, Erzincan, Ankara, and Bitlis.


Sirnak received the housing sales certificate for the year. While 968 houses were sold in the city in the previous year, the figure increased to 252 in 2020. The percentage increase rose to 29.33 percent. Gumushane followed Sirnak with an increase of 27.79 percent.


 While 1,191 houses were sold in the province in 2019, the figure increased to 1,522 in 2020. 27 thousand 521 houses were sold in Tekirdag in 2019. 2020 sales in the province increased by 25.78 percent to 34,618.


In Mersin, which has a high performance in sales, 35 thousand 425 houses were sold in 2019. The figure increased by 22.78 percent in 2020 to 43 thousand 496. With an increase of 21.42 percent in Igdir, the sales figure rose to 8 thousand 509 with an increase of 20.64 percent in Kirikkale and from 18 thousand 484 to 22 thousand 243 with an increase of 20.33 percent in Mugla.

1.5 million Houses were sold in 2020!