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Housing Sales in Bodrum Turkey
Continues in All Seasons of the Year

Bodrum is in Preparation for the Summer Season


Despite Covid-19, the interest for the Aegean regions continues. Especially Bodrum Turkey will be the address of those who escape from big cities this summer.

While there is an increase in real estate sales in the region, there is a great demand for periodic rentals as well.




The Turkish Statistical Institute published housing sales statistics for March 2021. Housing sales in Mugla raised by 31.2% compared to March of 2020. Real estate Turkey consultants said, “The real estate investments continue in Mugla despite Covid-19.


The housing sales in March also raised by 31.2% compared to the same month of the last year and became 2 thousand 5. Of these sales rates, 621 housing sales are from new homes and 1,384 were resale homes. Moreover, mortgaged housing sales in Mugla with a decrease of 23.5& compared to the same month of the last year became 432. Of the 432 mortgaged housing sales, 135 were new home sales and 297 were resale houses.




Housing Sales in Bodrum, Continues in All Seasons of the Year


The sales in Mugla take place, especially in Bodrum continues in all seasons of the year. Life in Bodrum continues for 12 months now. With the Covid-19, the population of the district has tripled. The visitors who were visiting Bodrum for a few days became permanent. Because they loved living in Bodrum. Not only domestic but also foreign investors show great interest in Bodrum real estate.

Another reason for the increase in real estate investments in Bodrum is the good news of natural gas coming to the district. It is been a long time that natural gas was expected to come in Bodrum. Especially in the region where the population tripled during the pandemic period, electricity demand for heating purposes peaked and an energy crisis occurred.



There will be a rise in the new housing projects due to natural gas coming into the region. In addition, demand is expected to increase in individual investments. Housing prices in Turkey Bodrum will also rise, especially in the regions where natural gas comes first.


Housing prices will Rise up to 9 million in Turkey - Bodrum


In Bodrum, where the demands have increased after the Covid-19, it is feasible to find a house for every budget group. Those who are in a good financial situation choose living complexes, while those looking for cheap houses prefer regions away from the city center.



House prices in the region can exceed 9 million. According to the information given by real estate agents, there is a great demand for seasonal rental villas. Those who want to spend the summer in Bodrum have already started to rent their homes. The housing prices in Turkey Bodrum may vary depending on the facilities such as the location of the house, the private pool, and the number of rooms.

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