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Turkey Became the First in
Housing Price Increase Rate

The countries with the highest increase in housing prices in the world were announced. Turkey became the 1ST with a 27.3% increase.


Turkey prepared to shut down 2020 with a new record in home sales. Despite the pandemic conditions, Turkey protected the viability of the real estate market.

It is reported that even after 14 percent inflation was deducted, the net worth gain was 13 percent. 



In the announced list, New Zealand took second place with an increase of 15.4%. Luxembourg took third place with 13.4.

Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, Austria, Russia, Netherlands, and Croatia were also in the top 10.


The Housing Market in the EU Does Not Have the Same Dynamism


In the first half of 2020, foreigners bought homes from 22.850 in Spain in Europe. It decreased by 10 thousand compared to the same period last year. In Lisbon, real estate investment fell 53 percent in the first half of the year. Last year, 58 thousand houses were sold in Italy. And 65 thousand houses in France. This year, Turkey has exceeded 40 thousand bands.


Record Sale of All Time



The real estate sector is closing 2020 by breaking the record in housing sales. Sales in 11 months of 2020 surpassed sales in all of 2019. In Turkey, in 2019 it was made a total of 1 million 348 thousand 729 residential units for sale.1 million 393 thousand 335 houses were sold in 11 months of 2020. There is a 21.5 percent increase compared to the previous year.

The record of all-time in home sales in Turkey was broken with 1 million 409 thousand 314 units sold in 2017. A total of 16 thousand units of sales in December will be enough to break this record.