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Homes for Sale

Istanbul is a magnificent city offering an active and pleasant life different from other cities in Turkey with breathtaking sea views. When you buy homes for sale in Istanbul and decide to live here, you will find a different environment than you are used to.

Istanbul is the eighth most famous city in the World, in accordance to the foreign travel, Istanbul city takes its place as 8th big city among the top 10 cities in 2018 by the number of visitors. When you live in a great city like Istanbul, you will appreciate the significance of living in a qualified residence.

 Especially when it comes to the vast transportation and the importance of resting, millions of people in this city consider they deserve qualified living areas. Real estate construction companies also think like consumers that is why the construction of new projects with amazing facilities and high living standards is constantly growing up in Istanbul.

Istanbul is like a country with its 16 million population. Security is an important issue in this city. Because of the great security precautions, people prefer to live in more sheltered buildings and even in small housing projects.

The prices of homes for sale Istanbul are affected by security and transportation factors. Real estate construction companies also try to fulfill customer demands with projects that prioritize transportation and security.

Homes for Sale in Istanbul are awaiting their Owners

The most luxurious and comfortable homes for sale in Istanbul are awaiting their new owners. In the housing projects where great technology is used extremely, in addition to smart housing systems, residential projects that respect nature is winning importance. As we mentioned above, in the new luxury real estate projects, the security and transportation worries of the people are also tried to be removed.

Thousands of housing projects offering various payment options provide convenience in the advantages of purchasing new homes for sale Istanbul. We offer the easiest way to learn the prices of housing units in the most luxurious housing project in Istanbul as MELARES Turkey Properties.

 We will make it easier for you to choose from homes for sale in Istanbul that appeals to every budget. You can take a look at our website melares.com which offers you the opportunity to purchase zero housing with ultimate comfort and most advantages.

While purchasing new homes, you can visit the new housing projects as if you are there with essential information about the region. You can assess the new homes that offer the most suitable prices and flexible payment advantages in new housing projects that take place in different districts of Istanbul on our website melares.com.

 It is now easy to learn which housing projects offer what types of apartments in which region. You can examine the homes for sale Istanbul in accordance with the criteria you are looking for from our website in detail and evaluate the reasonable price alternatives.

The prices of homes for sale in Istanbul differs in accordance to the districts and home features. The new housing projects have zero housing options offered with low down payment and flexible installments period. New homes for sale in Istanbul are among the alternatives of different housing projects at the most reasonable prices.

 Affordable price advantages of reliable companies are available in our housing projects that offer the most beautiful home options in different districts such as Kartal housing projects, Sisli housing projects, Esenyurt housing projects, Beylikduzu housing projects, etc.

The main feature that assigns the prices of new homes for sale Istanbul is the quality of the district where the housing project is taking place. Factors such as a wide range of transportation networks, environmental factors and architectural features of the home affect the prices. Boost of the housing projects recently causes advantageous alternatives to prices.

 Of course, being aware of these options and being able to make a detailed search will allow you to assess the most advantageous housing alternatives. As MELARES Turkey Properties, we offer you the opportunity to examine all the housing projects in detail, while providing you with the most affordable homes for sale in Istanbul together on our website.

The Most Affordable New Homes Alternatives in Istanbul

When people want to buy a home, they want to do their search to the extent allowed by their budget. In other words, he/ she buys homes for sale in line with the money they have. Nobody wants to purchase a house that their budget cannot afford, and since the homes are usually bought with cash, people buy houses with as much cash as they can pay.

 In line with their budgets, there may be people who want a buy a cheap and beautiful home. Finding a cheap and beautiful homes for sale Istanbul is not so difficult. When you search and follow current property portfolios on our website, you can discover cheap homes for sale. It is very simple to find a cheap house for sale because there are many kinds of homes that appeal to every budget.

The greatest advantage of housing projects is that they offer various payment options to purchasers, allowing them to buy a new apartment at an affordable price. When buying homes from residential projects, an essential point to be considered is the company producing the project is reliable or not. Another issue is, of course, the qualities that will meet your expectations while buying a home.

 As the real estate consulting company, MELARES Turkey Properties provide you to make a detailed assessment of homes and offer you houses from most reliable housing projects. While we see the best price alternatives together, we provide you to evaluate the home options of the most reliable companies.

People can search for affordable homes for different reasons. There are real estate investors who want to buy homes for investment purposes or people who have financial difficulties and do not want to pay a lot of money for the home. These people overlook to the affordable home for sale Istanbul. There are various ways to discover cheap homes for sale.

 People who are planning to buy a reasonable home should follow the most up-to-date home advertisements. When they find suitable homes for their own budget, they should contact the real estate consultancy company that posted this advertisement. Continuous and regular searches of advertisements will make people to find a more comfortable home for sale with reasonable prices.

In the residential projects in our website, there are advantageous new homes for sale in Istanbul offered by companies that provide the most affordable and suitable prices for your budget. By searching by location, you can assess the alternatives that offer the best price advantage among the new housing project for sale in Istanbul. Luxury homes in residential projects are the most preferred houses with advantageous payment options.

Price Options in Housing Projects

The fact that there has been a global economic narrowing in the last years has caused a break in housing prices. This condition caused a short recession in house sales. But for those who want to turn the crisis into an opportunity, great advantages were born.

Especially the newly rising housing is also a great competition. Competition was continuous on the basis of price as well as the advantage of housing projects to real estate investors and buyers.

Brand housing projects, which have begun to show themselves in lots of central places in Istanbul, have alternatives for every budget. The essential issue is to determine certain criteria when selecting homes from luxury residential projects. If you begin your search with the determination of your needs and budget, you can find a home at affordable prices in accordance to your expectations in a shorter time.

What Features should be in a Qualified Housing Project?

Housing projects made without compromising on quality building materials are always among the more luxurious and valuable options. The material quality used in the homes for sale should be a priority both in Istanbul residence options.

  • Residential buildings should be constructed with qualified materials on a durable land,
  • Having a peaceful environment for children, elders, with an architecture design suitable the disabled people also,
  • Having a central location, proximity to transportation facilities,

The use of high technology in the construction of the project brings the quality of the housing projects a step forward.

In addition to all these, you can do your searching with specific criteria to find the most suitable home for yourself. Housing projects of not only foreign brands but also domestic brands are now constructing very successful results.

You can find the most luxurious Istanbul housing projects on our website melares.com. There is a wide range of homes for sale in Istanbul that we could recommend you on our rich property portfolios. 

There are also wonderful housing projects that appeal to people from all income level. If you have determined your budget and location, there are lots of great options we can recommend for you. Istanbul housing projects also have various campaigns in 2020.