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Foreigners' Interest has Doubled in
Turkish Real Estate!

Foreigners' Interest has Doubled in Turkish Real Estate! 

Which country's citizens buy the most property in Turkey?


In the last 20 years, while the purchase of land and real estate by foreign citizens has increased, the citizens of countries we have not even heard of started to buy property in Turkey.


Land and real estate purchases by foreign citizens in Turkey have increased exponentially in recent years. But in 20 years, citizens of countries whose names we have not heard of became property owners in Turkey.


It was determined that citizens of countries such as Saint Kitts and Nevis, Seychelles, Vanuatu, Comoros, Dominica, Trinidad and Tobago, Micronesia, and Laos bought land, villas, residences and workplaces from different cities of Turkey.


In the last few years, thousands of citizens of countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Egypt, Jordan, Yemen, Sudan, Iraq and Iran have bought properties such as land, plot, vineyards, gardens, residences and workplaces in Turkey.


The number of foreigners who bought property from the mega city Istanbul in 2021 is 27,899 people. 260 of them were from Qatar, 468 were from Libya, 511 were from Algeria, 534 were from Sudan, 623 were from Lebanon, and 677 were from Russia.


Also, 699 of them were from the USA, 825 were from Palestine, 834 were from Egypt, 897 were from Yemen, 718 were from Jordan, 798 were from Pakistan, 948 were from China, 2,135 were from Afghanistan, 2,777 were from Iraq, and 7,536 were from Iran.