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Foreigners Buy Real Estate
for Investment 2020

Nowadays, real estate investment by foreigners in Turkey is gaining rapidly. The value of the real estate purchased by foreigners from Turkey in 2019 reached $ 6.8 billion.


In 2020, 40 thousand 812 properties were purchased by foreigners. A special study is made for the Future of Foreign Investment in Turkey Property Export Oriented. A total of 410 real estate investors from 48 countries made investment in 12 cities of Turkey, the average amount they pay to foreign properties received 161 thousand 500 dollars.



Foreigners Buy 40.000 Houses in Turkey, 2020


Foreigns ranked first in purchases of residential property investments in Turkey. According to TURKSTAT (Turkish Statistical Institute) data, a total of 40,812 apartments were sold to foreigners and real estate investors in 2020. Even though this figure is less in accordance with the record of 45 thousand 483 units in 2019, it stayed at high levels despite the pandemic.

Investors from Iran purchased from Turkey 7 thousand 189 housing units in 2020. Iraq was followed by Iran with 6,674 houses, the Russian Federation with 3, 78 houses, Afghanistan with 1,929 houses and Azerbaijan with 1,279 houses.

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