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Buying Property in Istanbul
Turkey Under for $200000

Istanbul is a great city which is famous as the capital of the modern world which is connecting two continents.

A magnificent city that is full of history, rich with culture and art. It offers a modern life intertwined with great values.


Istanbul, which is also known as the heart of Turkey, it is a population that is three times higher than all of Denmark, Finland, or Norway.

The cultural variety and the hospitality of people strongly influence visitors and tourists in Istanbul and make them love this great city.

As the number of visitors who are interested in the city raised the number of foreigners who wanted to accommodate in Istanbul also increased.



So the demand for real estate for sale in Istanbul increased.

The construction companies rapidly started to build new and more luxurious housing projects. The real estate market had rapid growth in the last 10 years.

The quick extend and growth of urban renewal projects in Istanbul also influenced the prices of real estate to be more affordable.

You can find two-bedroom apartments, or three-bedroom apartments as the best alternatives for property Turkey for under $ 200000.

There is a wide range of real estate on our website melares.com appropriate for your budget with a variety of square meters that will satisfy you in every term.

Two bedrooms or three bedrooms are the best options for buying property in Turkey Istanbul under $200000 which have the most innovative and creative architectural design which is designed with the most popular architecture within the country and even some of them are famous worldwide.

Every detail in the apartment is made with a glance that combines luxury with comfort. Also, new housing projects offer great landscapes and green living spaces where your children will have an enjoyable time and you have the pleasure of watching their happiness.

As well as facilities such as walking paths, artificial rivers, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, fitness centers and lots of other amenities are provided to offer a great life for you.