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Guide Foreigners
Who Want to Buy a Property in Istanbul

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) published a guide and information brochure in 6 languages ​​called "Guide to Buying Property in Istanbul" to answer the questions of foreign investors about buying office and housing.


Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO), Turkey to tell the real estate sector and investment processes, wanting to show the way to international investors to invest in Turkey in Istanbul Property Acquisition Guide Property Buying Guide: Istanbul) was published.

The guide was published for international investors in 6 languages: English, Arabic, French, Chinese, Russian and Persian.



The guide, prepared with the contributions of the Real Estate Overseas Promotion Association (GIGDER), is planned to bring the investment opportunities of the megacity of Istanbul to a large foreign investor mass. The guide has got detailed sections.

These are, "With Data Turkey, Property Owner To Be and Investment Stages in Turkey, International Banking Operations, Investment Through Turkish citizen To Be Investment and Project Opportunities in Turkey, Investment Opportunities Presented by Sector and Major Projects" sections.


Foreign Investors Interest Continue Despite the Pandemic



stanbul Property Acquisition Guidelines engaged in important disclosures at the launch of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce President Sekip Avdagic real estate opportunities in Turkey, foreign investors accurate and understandable manner he expressed prepare a pioneer in its description of the target directory.

Skip Avdagic said, “We aimed to show the real estate opportunities of Istanbul, the attractiveness and profitability of investing in real estate. He also talked about the planning process targeted wide geography from the Middle East to China, from Russia to Iran.''

He explains the guide of effectiveness with these words: ‘This guide does not just answer investors' questions about acquiring a property. It also guides them according to their demands. With this feature, it has the feature of being a resource that will facilitate foreign investors to acquire properties”

Real Estate Overseas Promotion Association President Omer Faruk Akbal made an explanation about the ‘Home Turkey Home' they have created with the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce.

‘‘It is a digital platform that will bring the real estate market together with foreign buyers and investors, covering the sector from A to Z and containing all kinds of information and legal regulations’’ he said. Also, he mentions that is the ‘first step’ and this project will grove.





Omer Faruk Akbal concluded his words as follows: “As GIGDER, we provided content and know-how support to the guide. A literal guide for foreign investors has emerged. With accurate and effective publicity, the world reached $ 400 billion worth of investments in the international real estate market, As Turkey aims to enter the top 5 among them"

Making important statements at the meeting, Deputy Minister of Environment and Urbanization Mucahit Demirtas "The guide will eliminate the fuss and lay out a clear and transparent roadmap for all." He spoke in the