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Apartments for Sale in Istanbul
Turkey under $250,000

Real estate investors and foreigners who want to buy apartments for sale in Istanbul under $ 250000 are now want to own their own houses, apartments, offices or commercial units are looking for real estate suitable for them to supply their demands.


For sure, working with an experienced real estate consulting company is the most important detail to do the right search and make the right and smart investment.

Istanbul is the most vivid and developed city in the real estate market. In the city where new luxury housing is constructed each day, the real estate industry for sale seen a great boom.

MELARES Turkey Properties, which has a great and successful place in the real estate market offered in Istanbul, is one of the most famous companies in Istanbul with its reliable services and efforts to satisfy its customers. If you are searching real estate in Istanbul under $ 250000, contact us immediately.


Buying Commercial Property for Sale in Istanbul under $250000


Commercial real estate is mainly a non-residential or non-agricultural property. Commercial real estate includes shops, offices, bars, restaurants, hotels, warehouses, parking lots and so on.

Commercial real estate has less risk and has high investment returns as well as you will face fewer problems with your tenants or in finding tenants. Because in general the rental contracts of commercial units are made for five or ten years and the maintenance and repair costs did not depend on the owner of the commercial unit.

One of the benefits of purchasing commercial apartments for sale in Istanbul under $250000 is that the property tends to obtain value over time, so, you will gain from any capital growth in your business.

 You will have the right to make changes to the commercial unit appropriate to your specific business needs, and if the value of the commercial real estate rises as a result of these changes, by selling it back you can gain profit from your investment.