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An Increase in the Housing Prices
in Istanbul Districts

Due to the urban transformation plans, the housing prices increased in the Beykoz district of Istanbul. Zoning problems are being resolved in Cavusbasi neighborhood of Beykoz.


According to the 2B law, the plans of the lands whose titles were delivered 6 years ago also end within this scope.


With the plans announced by the Minister of Environment and Urbanization, Murat Kurum, after his visit to Beykoz Municipality the previous day, the long-awaited land prices were also aroused.


Istanbul real estate experts said that with the determination of the planned date in Beykoz, Karlitepe and Cavusi regions, whose square meter prices have been low for a long time, raised by 30%.


While the square meter prices are increased to 1,500 Turkish Liras, it is expected to raise up to 2,500 Turkish Liras at the moment. When it comes to the license stage, the square meter prices of the land will go up to 5,000 Turkish Liras.



 Density is not expected as the precedents will be kept very low in this district. It is expected that the residential areas will be kept at very low levels in the plots that fall within the plan area in Cavusbasi.


Saying that real estate investors and district residents who have been waiting for development for a long time will sell their lands after the decision plan is issued.

Now, the investors who will realize the housing projects will stay on the field, some of the investors will come out by selling their property. This will bring a new real estate and price range in the region.