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A Historical Peak has Seen in the Real Estate Sale
to Foreigners in Turkey!

A Historical Peak was Seen in the Real Estate Sales to foreigners in Turkey! Russians Bought the Most Property in Turkey


A historical peak was officially seen in property sales to foreigners in Turkey. In 2022, sales to foreigners increased by 15.2% compared to 2021 and reached 67,490 houses.

According to the details, one out of every four houses sold to foreigners was bought by the Russians.

The Turkish real estate market continues to be the favorite address of foreigners.


According to the details given, record sales were made in 2022 as the price advantage and the Russia-Ukraine war brought an increase in foreign demand.


Real estate sales to foreigners increased by 15.2% in 2022 compared to 2022 and reached 67,490 houses. Russian citizens bought 16,312 houses from Turkey and reached the top.


According to the details conveyed, sales to Russians increased by 203% compared to 2021. The share of Russians in sales to foreigners exceeded 24%. Russia was followed by Iran with 8,223 houses and Iraq with 6,241 houses. On the other hand, Ukrainians bought 2,574 houses with an increase of 106.6% compared to 2021.


Istanbul Took First Place in Property Sales to Foreigners


When the 12-month sales to foreigners are evaluated, the mega city Istanbul took first place with 24,953 houses. The share of the mega city Istanbul was approximately 37%.

In Antalya, which is the first choice of Russians, a total of 21,860 houses were sold to foreigners in 2022, thus Antalya's share exceeded 32%. Antalya was followed by Mersin with 4,316 houses, Ankara with 2,687 houses and Bursa with 2,002 houses. On the other hand, the share of foreigners in total real estate sales was 4.5%.


Approximately 3.5 Million People Bought Property Throughout Turkey in 2022


According to the official data announced, a total of 3 million 434 thousand 389 real estate sales transactions were made in Turkey in 2022.

The total revenue from these transactions was 41 billion 555 million 205 thousand 953 TL.