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19 Thousand 260 Houses in Istanbul
were Sold in April 2021!

Istanbul Statistical Office announced the housing sales figures for April. According to the announced figures;


In Istanbul in April 2021 compared to the same period of the last year; the house sales in Istanbul increased by 215% and exceeded 19 thousand.


73% of the house sales made this month were resale houses and 27% were new houses.



Resale house sales this year raised by 243% compared to the same period of 2020, while the increase in new houses increased by 153%. House sales in Turkey increased by 124% and reached 95 thousand. 70% of these sales were made from resale houses.



3,769 Mortgaged Houses in Istanbul were Sold in April


Mortgaged house sales decreased to 20% in April 2021. In the same period of last year, this rate was 40%. In this period, resale mortgaged house sales increased by 77%, while newly built home sales increased by 6%. Mortgaged house sales, which have a rate of 40% across Turkey, have declined to 18% as of this month. Resale mortgaged home sales increased 17%, while newly built mortgaged home sales decrease by 23%.


Home Sales on the European and Asian Sides of Istanbul


The house sales in April 2021 233% increase on the European Side and 186% on the Asian Side. 65% of the housing sales in April took place on the European side and 35% on the Asian side. While housing sales increased in all districts of Istanbul, the regions with the highest increase were Besiktas and Zeytinburnu. The recent increase was seen in Umraniye and Sultanbeyli.




Housing Sales to Foreigners increased by 437%


In this period, house sales to foreigners compared to the same period of the last year; increased 437%. While 49 % of the total house sales made to foreigners in Turkey were made in Istanbul, house sales in Turkey increased by 416% compared to the same period of 2020.


Housing Prices Increased by 29% in Istanbul


While housing prices in the megacity of Turkey increased by 29% in the current period, this increase was 34% throughout the country. In this period, resale housing prices in Istanbul increased by 28%, while it increased by 32% throughout Turkey.

In Turkey, the number of buildings given construction permits increased by 132% compared to the same period of last year. 87% of these structures were for residential purposes and 13% were non-residential. According to the surface area of the buildings for which building construction permits were issued, 50% of these buildings were residential, 25% non-residential and 25% were common areas.