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Turkey's Success in
Confronting Corona

Turkey, a country that has withstood many hardships and has been the most important factor in the success of the solidarity between the people and the government in all its problems, has not been without this global crisis and has made great efforts in this regard. It is mentioned that some of the actions of this country against this virus can be seen below

What is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a newly discovered infectious disease that has spread around the world.
Most people infected with the COVID-19 virus experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and recover without special treatment. Older people and people with major medical problems such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease and cancer are more likely to get serious illness.

The best way to prevent and slow down the transmission is to be fully aware of the COVID-19 virus and to personally prevent it from getting the virus, as well as to try not to spread it to others, such as washing your hands regularly and not communicating closely with others. Alcohol in areas where it is possible to kill the virus.

The COVID-19 virus, when coughing or sneezing, spreads through saliva droplets or nasal secretions, so it's important that you also prevent it from spreading, such as using your inside of your elbows when you sneeze.
So far, no specific vaccine or treatment can be provided for COVID-19. However, many clinical trials are underway that assess potential treatments. The World Health Organization (WHO) provides new information as soon as clinical findings become available.

Turkey's fierce struggle against the corona virus and the protection of citizens

Turkey could not be spared from this global disease, but with the clever measures of the government and especially the Minister of Health, and Science board, they have managed this crisis in such a way that the least amount of damage is done to the citizens.

Of course, keep in mind that the Turkish people have been accustomed to using disinfectant solution for many years, and this product is a permanent of the people's basket of goods and is used at all times, but during this period, the amount of use Alcohol has risen sharply to eradicate the virus, and despite the high demand for it, there are plenty of products available for people to buy.

Here are some of the government's precautionary measures:

  • Applying general quarantine for weekends in metropolitan cities
  • Closing school and teach them with other services
  • Blocking land borders
  • Restrict international flights
  • Perform daily tests in all parts of the city of citizens
  • Complete quarantine of those who had returned from the Umrah
  • Use the ultimate research team to get the vaccine
  • Complete closure of all shopping malls
  • Mandatory use of masks in public transport
  • Police make daily purchases for the elderly
  • Conducting tests to check the physical condition of citizens
  • Performing several quarantines for people who have returned to Turkey from different countries
  • Allocating multiple loans to companies and economic actors during the crisis
  • Closing schools and offering courses online and on state television
  • Providing free masks to citizens
  • Assign a special line to answer questions related to Corona

Also, a large part of the daily news is dedicated to this topic and numerous trainings in the media are dedicated to them. Even the training on making health protector with alcohol and the use of various essential oils has been one of the popular trainings so that everyone can The ultimate in health is to deal with this deadly disease.


Turkish Health Minister Dr. Fahrettin Koca and his approach to Corona


Fahrettin Koca was born on January 2, 1965, in the village of Konya. He completed his primary and secondary education in Konya and his high school education in Bursa. After graduating from Istanbul University Medical School in 1988, he received the title of General Practitioner. 

He completed his specialization in pediatric health at the Medical School of Istanbul Cerrahpaşa University in Istanbul.

Koca became a pediatrician in 1995. He worked as a physician and medical director at various health institutions.

He was chairman of the board of trustees of Istanbul's Medipol University, which was established in 2009 by the Health and Research Foundation for Education (TESA) and was chaired by its president. He is a member of the Turkish Children's Institute, the Association for the Metabolism and Nutrition of Children, and the Association of Private Hospital Health Institutions (OHSAD). He is also the Vice President of the Trade Commission of the Council on Foreign Economic Relations (DEİK) and the President of the University Hospital Association.

Following the 2018 general election in line with the reforms in the 2017 Turkish constitutional referendum, Koca was appointed Minister of Health by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He took over his duty on July 10, 2018.

In the past, Dr. Fahrettin Koca has taken effective measures to improve the health and well-being of the people. Today, he has made every effort to prevent the spread of the virus in the best possible way.
He appears in front of the camera every night and personally reports on Corona's situation in the country.

Here are some of Dr. Koca's most notable actions:

Treatment of a foreign couple's baby with the help of the Turkish Minister of Health

The foreign couple's baby, who was born prematurely in Alanya, Antalya, was treated with the help of Turkish Health Minister Fahrettin Koca

Ida Suvarvarflet, a 25-year-old Swedish citizen living in Alanya, and Ted Nikoevist, 38, of Norway, are working with three-month-old Alicia, who was treated in February last year with the help of Turkish Health Minister Fahrettin Koca

Unable to pay for their baby's treatment, the group called on social media for help. Turkish Health Minister Fahrettin Koca helped them transport and treat the baby at Ak deniz University School of Medicine.
The Swedish mother said she and her husband were very happy that their baby was healthy.

"We are not Turkish citizens, but they helped us a lot," he said, emphasizing that Turkish citizens will be safe and secure wherever they are in the world. We are very safe in Turkey. With the help of the Ministry of Health, our baby was treated and is now with us

Turkish Health Minister responds to request for help from Turkish citizen from Malmo

Amra Gulen, a Turkish citizen living in Malmo, posted a video on her daughters' account asking for help from the Minister of Health.

In the video, Gulen stated that despite the positive results of his Corona’s test, the hospital had sent him home. In this regard, the Turkish Minister of Health responded to the request and announced that a special plane had been sent to Sweden to return the Turkish family. Fahrettin Koca also personally contacted Gulen's daughter and asked about her father's condition.


Donating of Turkey's humanitarian aid to various countries

Turkey, which had been preparing special measures since the outbreak of the virus, had begun to produce corona test kits, as well as several medical facilities and hospitals. Even this procedure was intended for travelers to the borders of this country and the construction of field hospitals.

For this reason, and the unparalleled prevention of the Turkish government, it has caused problems not only for its domestic consumption, but also for sending medical supplies to other countries in the form of humanitarian packages. In this regard, countries such as the United States, Spain, Italy, Iran, Lebanon and Russia were among the countries that received these packages, along with a wish for patients to recover from Turkey.

It is worth noting that according to official statistics, nearly one million corona kits have been used in Turkey so far, and people with the disease have been hospitalized.
Not only in this crisis, but also in all international arenas, the country has always been at the forefront of its hospitality spirit and has helped all needs.

The number of healing corona patients increased to double

The number of coronary patients who recovered yesterday is more than twice as high as the new ones, the Turkish Minister of Health said: "Our country has come out of this proud crisis so far."

"The number of patients under intensive care has dropped from 58 percent to 10 percent and the number of deaths in intubation has dropped from 74 percent to 14 percent," he said, noting that Turkey ranks 80th in the mortality rate for coronary heart disease patients. He said: "We have not sent any coronary patients to their homes and we will not send them." Corona Symptoms In any of our citizens, we start treatment on time. Turkey is the only country that provides free air ambulance services to its citizens.

He also said that the health staff active in identifying the people who are in contact with the carriers of the virus have so far identified 468,390 people in the contact chain of coronary heart disease patients.
The measures taken, as well as the use of experienced medical staff and the utilization of facilities, have put Turkey at this stage of health against this dangerous and deadly virus, and the people of this country will appreciate all the efforts of the government and all helpers

In recent weeks, it has been announced that with the help of the country's medical team, as well as the cooperation of the people to cut off the virus transmission chain and take action to maintain home quarantine, we hope to celebrate the end of the virus's pandemic with Feast of Ramadan together.