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How Has Coronavirus Impacted
on Turkey Real Estate?

The coronavirus and the damage of this disease will be remembered for many years and will leave a memory for the whole world to be passed on to future generations, a memory like the world wars that have affected the whole world and people have spent years with their hardships. Sometimes, the damage in some parts has been severely compensated, which we are facing in this era, but with the measures of the governments, efforts are being made to deal with it as much as possible, and the least amount of damage to the people. How has coronavirus impacted on Turkey Real estate? What are the measures taken by the Turkish construction companies regarding the sector? Before we move on to these questions, let's take a look at some information below.

The United States is plagued by more than half a million new cases of corona

More than half a million people in the United States have been infected with the coronavirus, according to new data from Johns Hopkins University's updated database.

The United States has been at the top of the list of countries infected with the coronavirus since the end of March, and is expected to become the new center for the spread of the disease. Europe ranks second after the United States with more than 850,000 coronaviruses.

The death toll from the Coronavirus virus in the United States has risen to 2,108 in the past 24 hours, making the United States the world's first country to lose more than 2,000 people in a single day due to COVID 19. On the other hand, with 783 deaths in New York, the United States lost about 20,000 people, surpassing Italy in the number of deaths due to the coronavirus and topping the list.

The latest statistics on patients in Europe

Although 510 people have died from the coronavirus in the past 24 hours, the death toll has dropped for the third day in a row, according to the Spanish Ministry of Health. The death toll from the deadly virus in Spain has risen to more than 16,000 since Friday, with an estimated 162,000 infected.

According to the latest official figures, France has more than 124,000 people infected with the coronavirus and 13,197 deaths. Older people in nursing homes are the biggest victims of the deadly virus in France. Simultaneously with the implementation of strict quarantine laws across the country, the number of patients admitted to the intensive care unit in hospitals is declining.

The Italian government has extended the quarantine across the country until May 3 announced that some stores will be allowed to operate next week. With more than 147,000 infected and more than 18,000 victims, Italy is at the forefront of countries in Europe and the world dealing with the deadly coronavirus.

The small Swiss country also confirmed the death toll of more than 1,000 on Saturday. The number of people infected with the coronavirus in the country to date has reached nearly 25,000.

More than 31 Turkey cities were quarantined

However, the Turkish government has been able to prevent the outbreak of the virus with the high measures and the provision of special services to citizens over the age of 65 and the ban on their entry and exit, as well as the implementation of home quarantine in Turkish metropolitan cities.

This country, which is rapidly developing kits for the diagnosis of the disease, has so far been able to perform more than one million tests on Turkish citizens and residents, and on the other hand it has been able to deal with a very large volume of kits and sanitary ware. It has also been able to donate large quantities of medical supplies to various countries, including the United States, Spain, Italy, Iran, and Lebanon.

Some of the Turkish government's actions against the virus:

  • Ensuring the people over 65 and under 20 to staying home
  • Applying general quarantine for weekends in metropolitan cities
  • Blocking land borders
  • Restrict international flights
  • Complete quarantine of those who had returned from the Umrah
  • Complete closure of all shopping malls
  • Mandatory use of masks in public transport
  • Disinfecting different parts of cities every day
  • Police make daily purchases for the elderly
  • Conducting tests to check the physical condition of citizens
  • Allocating the largest volume of treatment staff to fight the virus
  • Allocating multiple loans to companies and economic actors during the crisis
  • Closing schools and offering courses online and on state television
  • Provide all administrative services by mail
  • Providing free masks to citizens
  • Assign a special line to answer questions related to Corona

The impact of COVID 19 virus on the real estate market


In recent years, Turkey has seen significant growth in real estate investment, and it has much change that have led people from all over the world coming to this country to buy their dream home.

Since Turkey is visited by millions of tourists every year and it’s one of the top tourist destinations in the world, many visitors prefer to stay in a private house instead of booking a hotel room. It is easy to see why investment in Turkish real estate has increased. 

Foreign investors have also turned to commercial real estate for long-term profits and want to start their own businesses or take advantage of rents, but ultimately all kinds of real estate for sale in Turkey for people who want to buy housing. It is available, for example, for those who want to start a new life or for those who want to buy a property in the field of investment.

There is a wide range of real estate such as luxury villas, overlooking apartments, apartments in the heart of the city, as well as unique forests can be used as a hotel or hospital and many other opportunities. It is available to investors for any budget.

Istanbul is one of the best places to invest in real estate, which is the best option considering the increase in property prices and the development of regions, which is why the citizens of European countries, Arabs and other countries are very attracted to Turkey.

Due to the spread of this virus all over the world and the restriction of Turkey's borders by the intelligent decision of the government has caused a halt in this market, but given the current danger, this action will benefit everyone, in this regard, construction companies They have used the time optimally and continue to the process of building residential projects under isolated system so as not to disrupt the announced dates for the delivery of projects and residential units.

Also, some sales offices of construction companies have taken special measures to implement special software to provide remote services to customers, so that they are able to make virtual visits from your own country and home by online services. 
Some of these companies have even set up special programs so that you can make online purchases or reserve your favorite unit, also given the international bank connections as well as the connections between the mutual exchanges.

Of course, these smart actions are not limited to construction companies, but this time interval between companies has become an opportunity to complete all areas of service that can be provided to customers, some of which can be named as follows:

• Preparing new catalogs to provide more information to customers
• Complete the websites of construction companies
• Add additional information to available projects on the websites of vendor companies
• Sales experts receive up-to-date and supplementary information
• Optimization on images from projects which posted on some websites
• Establishing video communication with customers and provide additional information about old requests
• Preparing videos introducing services and different districts of the city

The above are some of the measures that have become an opportunity for real estate companies in Turkey during this period, and will continue until the end of the pandemic.

Price of properties in Turkey throughout the pandemic period

Due to its growing economy and membership in various international groups, Turkey is one of the countries that is trying to prevent the growth and uncontrolled growth of prices during this period, especially in the specialized sector of real estate. It is very important because if the price increases indiscriminately during this period, all the rings related to this chain will increase price in the future.

Due to these reasons and the efficiency of the active syndicate, efforts have been made to ensure that property prices in Turkey are equal to those before the Corona Crisis, and this will be further examined in the future, as noted earlier due to the inactivity of companies. Real estate has been under pressure for nearly three months, as well as the use of government loans to finance companies affiliated with the industry, but what the Turkish government is considering is a long-term plan and they want to stop rising prices in this sector.

It is worth mentioning that the price increase in Turkey is done with a certain percentage and government planning, so the relevant stakeholders will play a small role in this process. This will not only return to this crisis, but also planned and managed in this way since ancient times.

And what is the advice for the buyer in this period?

Search about districts and facilities in Turkey.
Find half an hour each day which shouldn’t be difficult right now to start learning the Turkish language.
The choice of properties and projects is huge you’ll soon find your favorites and you’ll be in a great position to explore the local area when you are able to head out on that viewing trip.