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Turkish Citizenship:
What are the Rights of Foreigners

Turkish citizenship rights and advantages are discussed and explained, also the case of more than one spouse, number of people who can apply for citizenship, parents of the applicant and many other important issues are well answered in this video by the Legal Section of MELARES.

 Will citizenship rights be different from a Turkish, if yes, what are they?

No it will not. They will use their citizenship rights as same as the other Turkey's citizens.


Is there any advantage for applicants whose children are above the age of 18 regarding residence permit, trade or other similar subjects?

Yes they have certain advantages when they apply for residence permit and also for the visa applications.


Is it possible to repeal the right after the right to win by another law?

Vested rights principle is one of the most important and most common principle in Turkish law. This principle protects person who has been granted certain rights.


What is the current situation for more than one spouse?

According to the Turkish law, a person can only have one spouse. However, Turkish government accept foreign applicant to apply for his other spouses.


 Can more than one person gain citizenship through a single property?

The condition of acquisition Turkish citizenship while real estate is investing minimum $250.000. If each purchase share is minimum $250.000 it shall meet the conditions. An applicant can also purchase more than one real estate in order to meet with the condition.


If the applicant has more than one citizenship, does the situation change or create a disadvantage?

There is no any extra requirement or any barrier for multiple citizenships.


Is it possible for adult dependents to apply citizenship with their family?

Yes, for example, if the applicant has a dependent family member, he/she can also apply for this member in order to get Turkish citizenship.


What is the situation for the children's who are adopted or spouse's other marriages?

Children from other marriages and also adopted children can also be the subject for the acquisition of Turkish citizenship.