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Title Deed Process
Tapu in Turkey

Tapu in Turkey: The title deed in Turkey is called “Tapu”.


Experienced lawyers explain the type of title deed in Turkey, Also the buyer needs to provide exact evidence that explains all the cases and procedures.


In this regard, there are important points for safe purchasing and also getting title deed that lawyers will explain the most important points to have a great experience for those who are looking for these steps.


How many types of real estate title deeds (Tapu in Turkey) are there? 


In the Turkish real estate system, there are 3 main types of title deeds. First of all, land title deeds, the kind of real estate is there is no any construction on it.

And the other 2 are construction servitude title deeds and condominium title deeds. Construction servitude which is also called '' İrtifak'' title deed means there is a construction license, but the construction has not been finished by the construction license yet.

And the last one, condominium title deeds are the most trustable title deeds. Because if there is a condominium title deeds its shows that the construction has been finished by the construction license.


How does the deed process work, what are the buyer's expenses, which documents are needed and how long does it take?


Passport translations, tax numbers, 2 photographs, power of attorney, if the applicant is not present are needed. Also, a valuation report is required for foreign investors.

The land registry office starts to works in the morning from 08:30 up to 12:30. In this period the applications can be made, afternoon the final signatures can be signed.

Sometimes, because of the workload of the office, the final signatures can be signed the next day. The real estate transfer fee is %3 calculated on the value of the real estate.

The real estate transfer fee is %4 and its calculated up on the value of the real estate.


Does the buyer need to be present personally during the deed process?


No, the buyer can authorize via power of attorney a third party to represent himself or herself.


 Is it possible to buy a property with a contract that has no title deed (Tapu in Turkey)?

The real estate which is subjected to the application for acquisition of Turkish citizenship shall be registered in land registry records.


How is contractual purchase on non-title properties? What are the buyer's rights after money transfer? How is the receiver protected in dispute situations?


The importance of being registered at the land registry office is about protecting the ownership rights against third parties.

If the subjected real estate is not registered at the land registry office then the parties can transfer the ownership of the real estate why do notaries primarily sales agreements needs to be signed at notaries according to our law system. Otherwise, the buyer can not claim the transfer of the title deed from the courts.