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The power of Turkish passport:
Enter More than 72 Countries Without a Visa

The procedures to get Turkish citizenship are now easier thanks to the recent legal revisions. The decision published in the Official Gazette facilitated the right of foreigners to get the right to have Turkish citizenship. The minimum amount required for the transition to Turkish citizenship of immovable property owner foreigners in Turkey was reduced to 250.000 USD.


The minimum amount of money required for the transition to Turkish citizenship via buying immovable property by foreigners in Turkey had been 1 million US dollars before. Now this amount is USD 250.000. Another procedure paving the way for the increase of the number of foreigners having interest in obtaining Turkish citizenship is about employment criterion and the amount of money the foreigners put into bank account. The requirement of providing employment for at least 100 people has been changed to 50 people. Moreover, the amount of deposits the foreigners should keep in banks has been reduced from 3 million USD to 500.000 USD.


Special office for the foreigners


The Ministry of Interior announced that private offices will be opened for foreigners wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship and that the procedures will be completed as soon as possible. Turkey has become more attractive to foreign investors in recent years. The private offices will help those who apply for getting Turkish citizenship.


The process required while applying for Turkish citizenship


After buying properties valued above USD 250.000, you apply to General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre and state that you demand to obtain Turkish citizenship. After the application process, the personnel check the appraisal report and bank transfer documents. The Directorate gives approval for citizenship in between 3 days and 1 week. Then it comes the time to apply to the immigration office desk for an appointment for a contemporary residence permit. Then it is time to apply to General Directorate of Population and Citizenship as the final step. Citizenship acquisition process is generally finalized within 30 days.


The power of Turkish passport


The most important motivation of foreigners’ interests in getting Turkish citizenship is the power of Turkish passport. In 2018, Turkish passport took 39th number in the ranking with 114 points, providing visa-free entry to 72 countries, entry to 42 countries via getting visa in the borders and entry to 7 countries by getting online visa.  


Turkish passport holders can enter more than 72 countries without a visa. These countries are the following:

Qatar, Tunisia, Jordan, Iraq, Morocco, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Brazil, Argentina, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brunei Darussalam, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Georgia, Paraguay, Serbia, South Africa, Thailand, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Ukraine and Uruguay.