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Property Investment in Turkey:
What Should be Considered in Buying or Selling a Property?

There are the most important things when buying, selling, or renting real estate. The prior issues that should be considered the most are title deed and deposit.

What should be considered when buying property or selling a property?

The most important thing when buying real estate is the title deed records. Title deed records are open to the public. Since title deed records are open to the public, the buyer is deemed to accept all the records mentioned on the title deed records, therefore it is really important to check those records. Another important thing is the location of the property. The actual location of the property cannot be understood from the title deed records. So physically it should be also checked.


What should be considered when renting property?

First of all, the deposit is important. In practice usually, 2 months of rental is required as the deposit. Foreign investors are also struggling to collect the rentals. Therefore more deposit will also be in the benefit of the investor.