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How Syrians
Buy a Home in Turkey?

The lawyers of MELARES Turkey Properties are informing Syrians who want to buy real esate in Turkey.

Can Syrian citizens buy a property in Turkey? If not, can they buy it through a company? what are the main procedures?

Syrian citizens are not allowed to buy a property in personally in Turkey. However, those people can establish companies and buy the property in those companies' names. The difference between buying the property in a real person or a company is the company needs governmental approval which takes on average 1 month.


Turkish Citizenship Application:

Important Tips for Getting Turkish Citizenship

Melares lawyers with hundreds of successful cases of obtaining Turkish citizenship about the time it took and also the presence of the applicant in the Turkey territory provide a complete description ...

Can Palestinians

Get Turkish Citizenship with Travel Document?

The lawyers of Melares Turkey Properties will give information  for Palestinians about what are the requirements to take Turkish Citizenship and buy property without having a passport.  C...
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