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Citizenship in Turkey
by marriage

Today, Turkish laws are allowed to marry a Turkish citizen with a foreign country citizen. What is citizenship by marriage?

 What conditions must be met to obtain citizenship by marriage with a Turkish man or woman? You can find the answers in our article below.


A foreign person can apply for Turkish citizenship after marrying a Turk if he/she wishes.

However, this application does not happen immediately. As a result of fulfilling the procedures and conditions required in the Law and completing the specified period, a citizenship application can be made.


How to get citizenship through marriage?


According to the Citizenship Law, citizenship can be obtained by birth or later. Obtaining citizenship by marriage is covered by obtained citizenship afterward. Subsequently acquired citizenship is a form of citizenship acquired by the decision of the competent authority. Foreigners who fulfill the conditions specified in the Law can obtain citizenship by the Ministry Decision.


Marriages by citizenship


There are many reasons why foreign citizens want to marry Turkish people. Although love is at the beginning of this, it is an important factor that Turkish lands are an ideal place to live and live under the roof of marriage.

Under normal circumstances, every nation wants to marry people of their language, religion and race. Because culture and language mismatch is the main enemy of marriage. In the past time, while the Turkish people used to approach foreign marriages a little more cautiously in when we look at the number of marriages by years, it is seen that this prejudice has started to dissolve slowly. According to the statistical data of TUIK, marriages between Turkish men and Turkish women with foreign nationals are increasing every year.


In general, what conditions are required to obtain citizenship?


The person who will apply for citizenship by marriage should be an adult and have the power to distinguish. The determination of this power is based on the national law of the person or the Turkish Civil Code No. 4721 if the person is stateless.



How to gain citizenship in Turkey by marriage?


Foreigners who fulfill the conditions stipulated in Article 16 regarding the acquisition of the Citizenship Law by marriage can apply for citizenship.

Marrying a Turkish citizen does not entitle the foreigner to obtain citizenship directly. The foreign person must have been married to a Turkish citizen for at least 3 years. Also, continuing marriage is among the conditions. Only in this way can citizenship be applied. Apart from that, some other conditions sought for application are as follows;

* The married people should live in a family union,

* The person should not behave in activities incompatible with the marriage union,

* There should not be an obstacle in terms of national security and public order.

If the marriage ends due to the death of the spouse after the application of citizenship by marriage, the condition of “living in a family union” is not sought.


Cases the application will not be accepted;


- If the person has not been married to a Turkish citizen for three years,

- If the marriage has ended due to divorce or death before the application date,

- If he/she is still on trial for any crime or is convicted or imprisoned,

- If the documents required for application are not obtained in the acquisition of citizenship by marriage.



What are the documents required for the acquisition of citizenship by marriage?


- Form petition stating the request for citizenship by marriage,

- Population registration sample belonging to a Turkish citizen spouse (application authorities get this document from the system),

- Passport or similar document (if the person is stateless and it is possible to supply it)

- Birth certificate or registration form (to show the identity information of the person).

- If the residential place in Turkey, current dated residence permit.

- If there is a final court decision about him/her related to any crime, a certified copy.

- If the person's date of birth and month does not exist, the document received from the competent authorities of his country for the completion of the date of birth (if the document cannot be obtained, the signed declaration should be that he/she accepted the process is done according to Article 39 of the Population Services Law No. 5490),

- A receipt proving that the relevant service fee is paid to the cash desk.


Name and surname registration in citizenship by marriage application


It is possible for foreigners who apply to obtain citizenship to get Turkish names and surnames. Also, the name and surname of the person who wishes to protect their names and surnames are written in Turkish letters and registered in the family register, following the Law on Acceptance and Application of Turkish Letters No. 1353.


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