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A new plan for citizenship duality
between Turkey and Pakistan

A new plan for dual citizenship is under evaluation between Turkey and Pakistan, according to the high authorities of both countries.

This was declared by the Pakistan ministry of interior depending on the meeting which was held on last Thursday, between the Pakistani Minister of Interior and the Turkish Ambassador in Pakistan.

There is a possibility that such an agreement would be signed, but yet it is under discussion and evaluation. If it happens, this new agreement will give the right to both Turkish and Pakistani nationals to have citizenship duality, and according to the Pakistani Minister of Interior he was hoping that this agreement would be reached soon.

Another Agreements In The Horizon

Training programs aiming to support the low enforcement on the equipment level are also being discussed and they were very appreciated by the minister of Pakistan.

It also stated that there is a discussion about having cooperation between the information and communications technology police ICT and the Patrolling police, this kind of cooperation is supposed to look like the Dolphin polis forces that was suggest first at Lahore in Pakistan.

The President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan is on a visit plan to Pakistan regarding the enhancement of the workforce efficiency and also discuss the new plan for citizenship duality between Turkey and Pakistan.

The ministers of both countries are supposed to meet in Pakistan in February 2020 to discuss mutual issues as the Turkish Minister of Interior said, the Pakistan Minister expressed his consolations for the last earthquake, later on he said that he was informed by the Turkish Minister that the Turkish Consulate in Pakistan which is planned to be situated in Karachi will be the biggest Consulate in the world among Turkey’s Consulates.