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Real Estate Turkey

Turkey, linking Asia with Europe is a unique country. It has many attractive aspects, such as a multicultural society, rich history and a favorable geographical location. Real estate Turkey is one of the most preferred investment countries.

Real estate Turkey is one of the best markets for foreign investors. It progressing to develop day by day. This attention can be linked to lots of factors. One of them is Turkey's investment program that offers dual citizenship to investors. In particular, the real estate Turkey in 2020 continues to attract the attention of foreign investors.

Real Estate Turkey for Foreigners

Turkey offers foreigners and investors the most advantageous programs. An investor in any part of Turkey on by the purchase of a real estate in the worth of 250,000 US dollars can be awarded to obtain Turkish citizenship within 90 – 180 days. This program is called the "Turkish Investor Program", which is a favored citizenship program.

The program allows the real estate investor to acquire Turkish citizenship with the same rights of living as a Turkish citizen. Some of the privileges obtained are to live, work and easy access to Schengen area countries. In addition, real estate investors and foreigners may have the right to plan and start up their own business with this program.

It is also possible to access education and health services in Turkey. As a summary, when appealing for Turkish citizenship, a real estate investor can simply have a Turkish passport and become a Turkish citizen with full rights.

Citizenship Application Process in Turkey

When you purchase real estate Turkey with a total value of at least 250,000 US dollars, after completing of some procedures, you will be able to apply to the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs and request to acquire Turkish Citizenship.

After you get the Title deed, you should apply to the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre together in order to acquire the title deed certificate of conformity showing that all transactions are made according with the laws. Then the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre puts an annotation on the title deed registry record stating that you cannot sell your property for at least 3 years.

Before citizenship application, residence permit application is done. The application for Turkish citizenship is done with gathering necessary documents such as bank transfer receipts, real estate valuation report, title deed confirmation document and residence permit and sending them to the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs.

After application is done, in the following step the competent authorities appraise the application. It should be investigated if there is a case forbidden by law or threatening national security. This research is executed by the authorized institutions of the Turkish government. At the confirmation phase of the Turkish citizenship application, the Provincial Security Directorate will ask you to come to the necessary interview and get your fingerprints. When everything is without problem, your application will be signed by President.

Remember that Turkish citizenship can be applied by investment in real estate Turkey by all foreign nations that can afford to purchase property in Turkey. Just there are some restrictions for some foreign nations such as Suriye by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Real Estate Turkey for Sale – Buy Luxurious Real Estate Turkey

Many real estate investors are wondering the same question in their minds: "How much is the total value of my investment?" Although this is a really smart question, unluckily, there is no simple answer. The purchase cost of buying a real estate in Turkey differs, depending on your selected investments ranged from 1 percent to 20 percent.

In the first instance, there are 2 most important taxes that you should consider when purchasing real estate Turkey. The first one is known as Value Added Tax (VAT). The size, quality, location, etc. of the real estate you choose is calculated based on these specific variables in the Value Added Tax. It can be 1 percent, 8 percent, or 18 percent depending on specific criteria. As well as there is a privilege for foreigners who are buying real estate Turkey, exempted from Value Added Tax.

Another important tax you need to take into consideration is the cost of the title deed transfer. The title deed transfer cost is specified by the Land Registry Office and is computed as 4 percent of the real estate purchase price. Its 2 percent is paid by the buyer and 2 percent by the seller.

Title deed transfer costs may also be paid by the construction company being attached to the housing project. On the other hand, if you are going to invest in an urban renewal project, you can take advantage of a tax exemption program that covers the cost of title deed transfer as well.

Therefore, even though there are lots of factors to be considered when computing the exact cost of your property purchase, in short, it can be said that you will pay an average amount on taxes for your investment above the real estate price.

Real Estate Consultants in Turkey

In Turkey, you might have already found that many real estate agents serves for real estate investors and foreigners who want to buy real estate Turkey. What makes us apart from them is our honesty and our reliable real estate services.

As MELARES Turkey Properties, we have dignity for fair trade, integrity and reliability, so we still have good connections with our customers who have work with us and purchased thousands of real estate Turkey.

One of the bases of our success is that we always select real estate Turkey with great standards of living, quality and design in best locations. Providing that you are looking for an apartment to live in or planning for a smart investment plan, we will offer you the best real estate alternative appropriate for your budget. In addition, you do not pay any commission or agency fees when you purchase a real estate through MELARES Turkey Properties. We have yearly contracts with the housing projects so you are not supposed to pay an extra amount of commission for real estate consultant.

Luxury Real Estate versus Cheap Real Estate Turkey

Turkey is a magnificent big country, while Istanbul is Turkey's most vibrant, historical and socio-cultural city. A wide range of real estate investors can find the real estate Turkey they are searching for here. For instance, if an investor is in search of a calm, peaceful luxury real estate to live in, he will be able to find the most elegant real estate in Istanbul Turkey.

Modern real estate Turkey consists of a private swimming pool, fitness center, sauna, spa, Turkish bath, advanced security systems, secure parking amenities, restaurants, cafe, etc.

It has many well-planned interior features as well such as spacious open and closed kitchen concepts, modern stylish rooms, boasts of magnificent architecture, balconies with an amazing view of Bosphorus or sea which improves the quality of your life and the value of your house.

With lots of various alternatives to be considered, finding a luxury and affordable real estate may seem difficult. If you are a real estate investor and in search of luxurious real estate at the same time with a cheap and reasonable price, as an experienced real estate consultant and working with over 350 mega housing projects in Istanbul we can help you to find it.

In other term, the Istanbul real estate market addresses different investors for various reasons. If you want to learn more or need advice about the districts, please call or send us a message. You can also visit our office on three points of Istanbul to get ideas and information about real estate Turkey from our sales specialists. We are giving real estate services on both Asian and European sides as well as in Istanbul Airport but our main office is on the European side. You can also check our website melares.com and our services for more information.

Real Estate Lawyers in Turkey

In a foreign country, purchasing any real estate, especially with a Citizenship application, can seem very difficult. Undoubtedly, you need to work with a professional and reliable real estate lawyer to guide you in buying real estate and applying for Turkish Citizenship.

With our 18 years of experience in the real estate market, be sure that we will offer the best real estate Turkey for Turkish citizenship with an investment program. In addition, the most experienced lawyers of MELARES will also be with you in all Turkish citizenship process and we will not charge commission or agency fees for it.

Best Real Estate Turkey

You can find real estate in Istanbul Turkey with high standards and quality in an amazing location to meet your expectations. Whether you are looking for your own house or investment real estate. Istanbul has a wide range of various real estate alternatives.

Discovering the suitable and perfect real estate for yourself and your family can be complicated. Your lifestyle and budget will be the first two significant issues in your search for real estate Turkey. When you inform us of the type of real estate you are in search of, your budget and the district you are interested in or you may prefer, we will prepare a portfolio of properties gathered in accordance with your demand. After completing your real estate investment, you will be able to apply for Turkish citizenship.

MELARES Turkey Properties' most active team and sales department, will be at your disposal to offer guidance and assistance at every stage of real estate purchase. We will help you to fulfill the purpose of your purchase, including the citizenship application and the management of your real estate to generate rental income.