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Real Estate in Istanbul Taksim

About Taksim Which is the Center of Istanbul

Beyoğlu is the region where the heart of Istanbul beats.

Beyoğlu is a district on the European side of Istanbul. It is neighbor to Şişli, Kagithane, Golden Horn, Beşiktas and the Bosphorus. Karaköy, Hasköy, Taksim and Kasımpaşa districts are connected to this district. Taksim is one of the 45 neighborhoods of the Beyoğlu (formerly Pera) region. Located in the historical peninsula of Istanbul, Beyoğlu is a very active region in the past and today. Beyoğlu has been the most important point in the history of Istanbul since the 15th century. Before the Republican era, Europeans and non-Muslims lived in this region.

Although this historical and valuable region comes to the fore in every aspect, Taksim is the most popular life, trade and tourism area of the region. For this reason, owning a real estate in Istanbul Taksim attracts the attention of domestic and foreign investors.

One of the most remarkable places in the Taksim region, which welcomes millions of tourists every day, is Istiklal Street. There are thousands of cafes, restaurants, shops, culture and art areas, cinemas and shopping places on Istiklal Street, starting from Taksim Square to Galata.

It is possible to see people from different nations all over the world every day in Taksim, which is the most cosmopolitan region of Istanbul. Taksim is the first place that a person who comes to visit to Istanbul stops by.

In the history of Turkey and Istanbul, Taksim Square it is of paramount importance. Republic Monument, which is one of the symbols Turkey is located in Taksim Square. Taksim Square, is the central point of the celebration of the important days for Turkey, and also it is the place where hosting concerts, festivals. With this feature, it is one of the main squares that have engraved to history in terms of politics and economics.

Why is it valuable to own a real estate in Istanbul Taksim?

There are many reasons to own a property in Istanbul Taksim. However, the main ones can be listed as follows.

> One of the most vibrant, busy and central points of Istanbul

> Wide range of public transportation options (metro, tramway, funicular, bus, minibus)

> A region with unique features within the historical peninsula

> Cosmopolitan life of local and foreign nations

> To the face renewed with urban transformation projects


Taksim is one of the few central points of Istanbul. What makes Taksim valuable is not only its historical structure and touristic area. First of all, it is a region that is the center of life and trade. As the buildings have been built in contiguous order since ancient times, today there are no empty lands to produce new residences in Taksim area.This ensures that the existing areas are very precious.

One of the most important factors contributing to the change of Taksim in terms of housing is the conversion of some areas into new housing construction within the scope of Tarlabaşı Renovation Project. The most important of these projects is the residential and living project that is carried out while going down from Taksim Square to Şişhane. It is a project that will change the face of the region with its 220-meter front to the street and shops at the bottom.

This project, which is established on an area of 165 thousand square meters, consists of 952 units suitable for different needs. This project, which contains a wide variety of residential areas and commercial areas, has a design that suits the Taksim region in terms of architecture. One of the most important features of the project, which is located in a 2-minute location with a walking distance to Taksim, is also easy access to the Metro station in Taksim Square. Located in the middle of commercial and social life, it is possible to find apartments ranging in size from 34 to 386 square meters. If you wish, duplex, penthouse or studio apartments are alternatives that can suit you and your taste. 

This building, which can offer different commercial units for those who need offices except the residence, is a project that will be the favorite of Taksim.

It is also suitable for your application for Turkish citizenship in terms of project prices.By purchasing one or more of property in Turkey worth to 250,000 USD, you can apply for Turkish citizenship.

Owning a property in Taksim and Beyoğlu offers you a privileged life. If you want home or office or shop ... The property you will acquire in Taksim will provide you with added value in terms of investment value. When you do not use your property and rent it as an office or a residence, your return on investment will be high.

The expert team of MELARES Turkey Properties and their lawyers who are experienced in Turkish citizenship will provide you with the best service to own property and obtain Turkish citizenship.


What Does Taksim Region Offer to Real Estate Owners?

Istiklal Street, one of the most important values of Taksim, offers many alternatives as residential and business potential. This street, which is closed to vehicle traffic, has only pedestrian traffic. Thousands of offices and businesses can be evaluated for commercial properties along the street. Many of these buildings are ancient buildings. Others have been modernized, sticking to the historical texture. A commercial property you will acquire in this region will enable you to benefit from the potential of domestic or foreign customers.

Istiklal Street is one of the most important streets in the world. It is also Turkey's most valuable and popular street. Even when describing the street in some cities abroad, the definition ""like Istiklal Street"" is used.

The nostalgic tram line, starting from Taksim Square and continuing up to the Tunnel on Istiklal Street, is one of the most important symbols of Istanbul. Traveling along Istiklal Street with the tram, which tourists are very interested in, is an important tool to experience the historical atmosphere.

Places to visit in the region do not end with counting. Even starting from the square and walking up to the Tunnel is a trip in itself. On the street, which is closed to vehicle traffic, you can find the opportunity to experience all the beauties of the historical and modern world at the same time, except for the tram.

You can visit the historical Fish Market, which is located opposite Galatasaray High School, and also taste the delicious Istanbul flavors. It is also very enjoyable to eat great food and drink something in Cicek Passage, which is located right after. One of the most important features of this street is that it has different world cuisines. In addition to traditional Turkish flavors, there are also restaurants serving Chinese, Syrian and Iranian flavors.

Nevizade and Asmalı Mescid are the best quality night places of this region.It is possible to find many restaurants and cafes with music here. When you own a real estate in Istanbul Taksim, which is visited extensively from all over Istanbul, you can easily benefit from all these.

At the end of Istiklal street is Galata Tower is placed, one of the oldest towers in the world. Galata Tower, which is one of the places where Istanbul Bosphorus and Golden Horn are best watched, is one of the must-see places. There are many cafes and restaurants next to Galata Tower and in the nearby area where you can have a pleasant time.

Shopping in Taksim is also very enjoyable. You can easily shop in the stores of world-famous brands or stores of local brands. The most known shopping places with hundreds of stores are Demirören İstiklal Shopping Center, Grand Pera Shopping Center, Istanbul Market Shopping Center, Aleppo Passage.


The Place of Taksim Properties in the Turkish Real Estate Market

In recent years, especially foreign investors' interest in Taksim and Beyoğlu region as a residential or commercial enterprise has increased the real estate prices in these regions. The investment return period of the residences in the Beyoğlu region is on average 14 years. It is observed that the increase in housing prices was approximately 44% in a retroactive 3-year period.

Beyoğlu and Taksim is a region where people from different nationalities, religions and races are living. In this region, everyone can live their religion freely and continue their social and cultural life as they wish.

In terms of social life richness, the most famous mosques of the region are Taksim Mosque and Huseyin Aga Mosque. It's fame has spread all over the world the Antuan Catholic Church is one of the symbols of Istiklal Street. There are quite a lot of synagogues in the region, which is home to places of worship of different religions.

Consulates of many countries are also located around Taksim.

It is possible to see many museums, exhibitions, theaters and concerts in Taksim, which can be considered as the center of cultural and artistic events. Madame Tussauds Istanbul, Pera Museum, Innocence Museum, Galatasaray Museum are some of the important museums in this region.

The renewed Atatürk Cultural Center is one of the symbols of Taksim Square. Apart from this, Galatasaray University Culture and Art Center, Tarık Zafer Tunaya Culture Center and Koç University Anatolian Civilizations Research Center are also located in Taksim.

Culture and Art Centers in the region and its immediate surroundings can be counted as follows; Yapi Kredi Culture Art, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Tophane-i Amire Culture ve Art Center, Borusan Art, Foundation of Istanbul Culture and Art, Akbank Art.

This region, which also hosts many domestic and foreign prestigious educational institutions, offers extensive educational opportunities for families living here. Istanbul Technical University Machinery Faculty, Istanbul Kent University higher education institutions. In addition, primary and secondary schools and high schools serving in English, German, French, Italian, Armenian languages are also located in this region.

In the Taksim and Beyoğlu regions, which offer a wide range of opportunities in terms of health institutions, you can get quality health services if needed. Taksim Training and Research Hospital, Health Sciences University Istanbul Beyoglu Eye Training and Research Hospital, Private Austria Sen Jorj Hospital, German Hospital, Kızılay Medical Center are some of these.

Investing in real estate in Istanbul Taksim is a wise decision.