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In 2012, with an amendment in the Land Registry Law, "reciprocity" requirement has been removed for the foreign real persons who will acquire property in Turkey. With this amendment, citizens of 183 countries may acquire real estate in Turkey regardless of the condition of reciprocity. As a matter of confidentiality, there is no clear list of the 183 countries. For that matter, information can be obtained from Turkey Embassies / Consulates and from the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre.

Before, it was impossible for citizens of Islamic and Arab countries to acquire property in Turkey. With the change made in 2012; citizens of Arab and Islamic Countries are provided to purchase real estate in Turkey (excluding Syrian nationals).

Real persons of foreign nationality can obtain all kinds of property such as housing, workplace, land and field in our country (provided that the legal restrictions are complied with).


What are the Legal Restrictions on Foreigners' to Buy Property?

* A foreign real person, may purchase real estate maximum 30 hectares in general of Turkey and can obtain limited real rights.

* In some districts, the proximity of the property to military prohibition and security zones is being investigated. If there is no security restriction in the area concerned, the foreigner may purchase property.

* Real persons of foreign nationality may receive real estate and limited rights up to 10% of the district area which is subject to private ownership.

* In the following conditions liquidation provisions is applied;

+ Properties acquired in violation of the provisions of the Law,
+ Properties that used contrary to the purpose of acquisition which determined by the relevant Ministry and Administrations,
+ In case the property is purchased for projecting, not to apply to the relevant Ministry within the period,
+ Properties whose projects were not realized within the period.