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The Turkish real estate market has always been active and will continue to do so. With each passing year, increasing the number of foreigners who own property in Turkey also needs to fulfill certain procedures, such as Turkish citizens.

You can examine the processes related to purchasing property in Turkey.

In order to make these processes easier for you, experienced and expert consultants of MELARES Turkey Properties will be with you at every step.

1. To Do General Research Related to Turkey
To do a general search related to the regions of Turkey, cultural and social structure, the cost of living will be useful. As a result, determine that on which region of Turkey you want to get the property.

2. Analyze Your Expectations and Identify Needs
When you want to have a property in Turkey, you need to find the accurate answers to some important questions.

* Do you want to buy the property to live / invest?
* Are there locations you particularly prefer?
* What are the most important criteria you are looking for in the property?
* What is your budget range?

3. Choosing the Right Real Estate Company
There are hundreds of real estate firm in Turkey, especially in Istanbul that perform property sales to foreign countries. However, it is very important that you do a good research and choose the right company. Because the real estate company that you'd prefer in Turkey will be your hand, your eyes, your ears, your mind, your advisor and briefly your everything. 

Many subjects are important like the sector experience of company, website content, advertisements, team. You can check the information that you wonder about MELARES in our About Us and Services section.

4. Contacting the Real Estate Company
In order to choose the right real estate company, firstly contacting to the company provide you great benefit. In this way you can get information about the properties you are curious about, and you will have a little observation about the corporate culture of the company from the approach of the Call Center Consultant.

5. Visiting the Real Estate Company
When you come to Turkey, you must visit the company that you have previously contacted. This visit will provide to be done a preliminary presentation of the portfolio that you are interested in. It also allows you to see the physical conditions of the real estate company that you intend to work with, the team and whether it is a useful institution.

MELARES acts in the following ways, in order to use of your time in Turkey effectively.

* Before you coming to Turkey, we organize e meeting day with you.
* We will meet you at the airport on the day and time you will come to Istanbul.
* We have the first meeting in our office.
* We offer you private property alternatives that we have already worked on to suit your needs.
* We will agree with you in which region the properties will be more suitable for you.





6. Participating in an Effective Real Estate Tour
In order to find the right property, it is absolutely necessary to see the portfolio on its place. However, visiting dozens of properties to find the right option will tire you, waste time and confuse you. Because if you have identified your needs correctly beforehand, the number of properties that can suit you in your preferred regions is also evident. An experienced Buyer Advisor already offers you the solution that best suits your needs.

We as MELARES Turkey Properties;
* Thanks to our Expert Buyer Advisors, we only show you the properties that can suit you. We don't waste your time with those who don't suits.
* In addition to property properties, we give you detailed information about the living and investment features of the region.
* We also inform you about legal procedures related to property purchases in Turkey.
* When you decide to purchase property, we will be with you for opening a bank account, obtaining tax number, citizenship processes and all other issues.

7. Comparison Between Properties
Make a healthy comparison of the locations you have visited in the real estate tour, property features, whether they fully meet your expectations. Our Buyer Consultants will give you for the necessary support in every matter you need.

8. Analyzing Financial Conditions
Do a detailed analysis of the sales prices, payment and campaign conditions of the properties you visit. Our experienced Buyer Consultants give you the right guidance in order to get the accurate property in the region you want with the right price and payment terms.

9. Reserving the Property that You Chosen
When you select a property that is visited by tens of different people every day, you must quickly pay for the reservation. When you pay the reservation price, it prevents you from selling the property you choose to another, also stabilise the price of the property and you are not affected by the possible price increasing.

10. Signing a Contract
Make sure that all agreed features and conditions of the property you are going to purchase are listed in the contract. Then, officially start the process by signing the Real Estate Sales Promise Agreement. In this process, the sale price of the property will be paid within the agreed conditions.

MELARES absolutely will be with you at the contract signing stages.

11. Opening a Bank Account and Obtaining a Tax Number
Before any formal transaction related to the purchase of property, it is necessary to obtain a tax number from the tax office on your behalf and to open an account at the bank.

The MELARES team is here to assist you in these processes.

12. Realizing the Title Deed Transfer
For the title deed transactions, an application is made to the Title Deed Directorate with the necessary documents in accordance with the pre-determined date and time. Necessary deed taxes and fees are paid during the application. As a result of the transactions you sign the title deed document issued on your behalf. MELARES helps you with all kinds of title deed procedures and guides you.

Documents Required for Transfer of Title Deed;

* Title Deed Certificate of the real estate or village / neighborhood, block, parcel, building, independent section information,
* Identity Certificate or Passport (with translation if necessary),
* Obtaining 'Real Estate Current Value Certificate" from the relevant Municipality (this document is provided by the Seller),
* Real Estate Appraisal Report,
* Compulsory Earthquake Insurance Policy for buildings (residential, office, etc.),
* 1 picture of the seller and 2 pictures of the buyer (in the last 6 months, 6x4 size),
* If there is a party that does not speak Turkish, certified interpreter,
* Original or approved copy of the power of attorney together with its translation, in case of transactions carried out by power of attorney issued abroad.