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Wooden Houses for
Sale in Turkey

Wooden Houses for Sale in Turkey


Wooden houses for sale in Turkey are one of the most famous house models since the first day of the architecture. The greatest reason for this is that wood is a special material from nature and creates an awesome aesthetic thanks to the wonderful texture of the trees.

Wood material, which is often used in modern and luxurious buildings today, has many advantages besides its aesthetic and beautiful appearance. The most momentous of these advantages is that wood is an organic material and that is why it is much more resistant and compatible with environmental and natural conditions.

Another unique benefit comes from the fact that wood creates breathing structures because it is a unique natural material; that is why, wooden houses breathe just like us, and this creates much healthier living spaces. Wooden houses for sale in Turkey, which stand out between the most perfect buildings for many reasons like these, also have a very wealthy wide range in terms of architecture.

A Natural Material

As we all know, wood is a natural material and therefore it is renewable. In other words, the harmed and old parts are should be changed in time, the building is not completely damaged and does not become unusable.

Suitable for a Variety of Structure Types

Wooden buildings are now used not only in rural areas but also for many other aims, such as beach houses, plateau houses, chalets, club buildings and bungalows.

Wooden Houses for Sale in Turkey has Amazing Appearance

Apart from that, wood has become pretty common as a building material in the houses or residences preferred by people who are of urban origin and settled in the countryside. In addition to its beautiful appearance, wood is breathable and natural material preferred because of its lightness and earthquake resistance.

Long-lasting and Healthy Houses

Wooden houses have many benefits over reinforced concrete houses. For one thing, they are definitely long-lasting and durable compared to reinforced concrete houses if they are well maintained on a regular basis. Additionally, they do not get deadly damage like reinforced concrete houses, they can continue their last in a healthy way by changing some of the bad parts.

Wooden Houses for Sale in Turkey are Earthquake Resistant

Wooden houses are on average 30 percent lighter than reinforced concrete houses in Turkey. In this way, they also make the substructure works easier. Moreover, the probability of an earthquake downfall is almost absent, as they are greatly flexible.

They Can Also be Produced as Prefabricated

At the present time, wooden houses for sale in Turkey are generally produced in workshops and the substructure works are installed on the lands that have already been pre-built in a short time. These beautiful houses, which are called modular or prefabricated, are both relatively effective and productive in relation to its cost and have high-quality standards.

Wooden Houses for Sale in Turkey are Easy to Maintain

It is no surprise that these buildings, which can survive for a hundred years if it is well maintained, is becoming more and more famous today. It consists of regular wooden home care polish. If wished-for, colored paints can also be used in the wooden houses for sale in Turkey.

Wooden Houses has various sizes and Different Design

When it comes to wooden houses for sale in Turkey, some people consider small huts in rustic style houses. Rustic style houses have a style that with very marked features and, like all other architectural styles, does not address to everyone. That is why there is a wide range of people who are away from wooden houses.

There are also Modern Wooden Houses for Sale in Turkey

However, now the architecture of wooden houses is changed, just like the luxury architectural designs of reinforced concrete houses. Modern, minimalist and even small structures are designed for those who want the traditional appearance, rustic buildings.

Wooden Houses with Spacious Windows

Thanks to the improvement of the joinery industry, highly modern, spacious and bright wooden houses appeared when combined with spacious windows and glass doors that save energy by preventing heat loss.

A Perfect Visual

Wooden houses are not only preferred in rural regions but also for many other concepts, such as beach houses, plateau houses, chalets, club buildings and bungalows. Wood is one of the oldest structure materials used for centuries and is used in the construction of private houses as well as local buildings.


Wooden Houses are Becoming Widespread in Turkey



Thanks to the rise in firms that make prefabricated wooden houses, wooden houses have also become common in our country. In terms of price and performance, most people prefer to buy or construct wooden houses.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wooden Houses

Wooden houses for sale in Turkey are a more ecological and economical option than traditional brick and concrete houses. Wooden houses are not just a part of nature, their use is also advantageous for the environment. Wooden houses are built from natural, non-petroleum materials that are reusable and biodegradable. Wooden houses are also considered "ecological". But, wooden houses have advantages as well as disadvantages.

What are the benefits of wooden houses?

  • Wooden houses keep the air warm in winter and cool in summer. You will have the advantages of savings in heating and air conditioning in the wooden houses which are counted to be between 50 percent and 60 percent per year.
  • It is construction is faster than reinforced concrete structures and has a more reasonable cost.
  • Wooden houses are earthquake resistant and safer than some of the reinforced concrete during the earthquake. But in recent years the reinforced concrete houses are also constructed more durable and earthquake resistant.
  • Living in wooden houses for sale in Turkey is much better than other houses in terms of human health and psychology. It offers a special calm and pleasure.

What are the Disadvantages of Living in the Wooden Houses?

Wooden houses for sale in Turkey are mostly attracted people due to their many advantages. However, while considering the advantage of the wooden houses, it is necessary to take certain precautions by knowing some of the dangers present in the use of wooden houses.

When using wooden materials in the construction of wooden houses to continue to long-lasting and be durable for a long time, moisture in their pores must be distant from. That is why, the trees are baked and dried. However, dry wood has a high fire danger. This risk rises much more especially in houses with stoves. However, this danger can be removed with interior wall insulation.

  • The maintenance of wooden houses is not easy in each season. Maintenance costs will rise or decline according to the wood material you use.
  • Wood care should be protected for those animals that affect the duration of your houses and damages the wood, such as insects and termites.
  • The risk of fire in wooden houses is the greatest disadvantage. Of course fire systems should be installed and should be much protected.
  • The bad weather conditions are a serious threat to wooden houses. Essential and tight care must be taken to escape the wood from becoming rot and flaking.
  • In spite of the fact that wooden houses are more affordable than reinforced concrete houses, their year maintenance is very costly.

Luxurious Reinforced Concrete Houses and Housing Projects Intertwined with Nature

If you want to buy wooden houses for sale in Turkey and be right at the heart of nature but you are not sure due to the risks it will bring there are amazing reinforced concrete houses for sale intertwined with nature right beside magnificent forests of Turkey. There are wide range of reinforced concrete structures with wooden cladding for sale in Turkey.

Some examples of Luxury housing projects intertwined with the amazing nature of forest:

Today, many luxurious housing projects are constructed within walking distance to the forest that has facilities such as green landscaping, jogging and walking tracks and sports fields.

Some housing projects are taking place in the areas where forests defined as the lungs of Istanbul. Also in regions such as Sancaktepe and Bahcesehir, where the construction has not yet reached a peak point, are fully intertwined with nature thanks to its low-rise unique architecture.

With these stunning housing projects, which are easily reachable to the city center by connection roads in Istanbul but are far from the chaos and crowd that prevails in the center, it may even provide you forget that you live in a great such a city like Istanbul. With their low-rise and architectures intertwined with nature, their respect for the environment and the forest views that they can see, these luxury projects give people the chance to live together with the nature they have longed for.

These housing projects, which have gone far beyond having green nature and large social reinforcement areas, are implemented in districts with fewer buildings and houses, in forests or locations surrounded by a grove.

It is feasible to plant your fruits and vegetables to your garden, to go for a wonderful walk and enjoy the fresh weather of the forest every morning. You can also buy the freshest and organic foods from the surrounding villages in these projects that allow you to be intertwined with nature every day rather than the getaways you do by driving for hours on weekends.