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Why to Apply for
Turkish citizenship and Turkish passport?

What are the benefits of Turkish citizenship?

One of the most curious subjects for a foreigner who wants to obtain Turkish citizenship is the benefits that being a citizen will provide for himself and his family.

Overall, despite the fact that Turkey is a Muslim country, offers modern living conditions to all people. In Turkey, it is respected by every different religion and everyone can be able to freely fulfill their religious beliefs.

It also provides safer living conditions than many countries.

A foreigner who acquires Turkish citizenship; when needed can live in Turkey as Turkish citizens, can work and benefit from social security.

Other benefits of being a Turkish citizen can be summarized as follows.

You Can Have the Rights of a Turkish Citizen

A citizen of a foreign country who acquires Turkish citizenship has the same rights that a Turkish citizen has, regardless of religion, language or race.


Your Family and Children Also Benefit from Citizenship

Together with the person applying for Turkish citizenship; his wife/husband and children under the age of 18 and the children to be born also obtain Turkish citizenship.


You Can Benefit of Health Services

A citizen of a foreign country who gains Turkish citizenship, both he/she and his/her family benefit from health services.

To receive free of charge services in a full-fledged hospitals operating in Turkey that have international standards, it allows you and your family to be safe in terms of health.

You Can Benefit from High Standard Education Opportunity

In Turkey, along with the many elementary, secondary and high schools which are serving in their native language for foreigners, there are hundreds of universities having worldwide quality education.

When you have Turkish citizenship, you can get education services with high-quality standards for yourself or your family, thanks to the educational institutions and universities that provide free or private service.

In order for university students in Turkey to benefit from Education Credit and Hostels Institution's repayment, education credit, he/she must be a Turkish citizen. For this reason, when a foreign citizen obtains Turkish citizenship, he/she can also benefit from this loan.


Your Business Relations Become Stronger

Turkey, which has important roles in international trade, due to its economic strength and trust in the international business world, maintains its commercial relations in dozencoun ry and in hundreds of different sectors.

A foreign country's citizen who will be found in commercial activities in Turkey will use the power of Turkish citizenship also to develop his commercial relations.


Getting E2 Investor Visa Will Be Easier

As a Turkish citizen, you can obtain an E2 Investor Visa more easily for those who want to invest in America by establishing a company or taking over the existing business.

The country of the citizen person who will apply for an E2 investor visa must have an agreement with the USA. Turkey has an agreement with the USA on this issue.


You Can Have Double Citizenship

As Turkey is a country that allows dual citizenship, you will have double citizenship along with your own citizenship and Turkish citizenship that you will obtain.

If you are a citizen of a country that does not allow dual citizenship, in case you are eligible for conditions of the Turquoise Card that the Turkish government applies you may have an indefinite work and residence permit in Turkey. You can review the details under the title of this page's Turquoise Card.)


You Can Benefit from the Power of the Ankara Agreement

As a result of the Ankara Agreement (European Community Association Agreement (ECAA), which allows Turkish citizens to settle in the UK by establishing a business with your Turkish citizenship, you can benefit from the opportunity to establish a business in the UK until December 31, 2020.


You Can Stay in Turkey as Long as You Wish

In order for a foreigner to stay in Turkey long-term and benefit from Turkey's climate, natural and cultural beauties as well as social living conditions, it is necessary to have a residence or work permit, and also renew them.

When you own Turkish citizenship, you have no restrictions on the duration of your stay in Turkey.


You Can Benefit from Inheritance Law

A foreigner who is a Turkish citizen is subject to Turkish Laws and Turkish heritage law on inheritance. In case of a person's death, the acquired property in Turkey is distributed according to the shares specified in the law between the heirs of the person.

Right of Vote

A foreign citizen who acquires Turkish citizenship afterward has the right to vote like those who are Turkish citizens by birth.


Benefiting of Retirement Rights

As per the right to social security, a foreign citizen who receives Turkish citizenship has the right to retirement, provided that the number of days required, payment of premiums and age is completed.



How Many Types of Turkish Passports Are There?

There are 4 types of Turkish passports that are given by the Republic of Turkey according to their useful purpose.

Diplomatic Passport, Private Passport, Service Stamped Passport and Public Passport

1. Diplomatic Passport

Color: BLACK

How Many Page Does It Consist of?

To Whom It is Given to? It is given to competent senior officials in order to represent the Republic of Turkey officially.


2. Private Passport

Color: GREEN

How Many Page Does It Consist of?

To Whom It is Given to? It is given to civil servants who are in first, second and third-degree positions and other public officials, provincial and district mayors, Members of the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency, members of the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund Board.


3. Service Stamped Passport

Color: GRAY

How Many Page Does It Consist of? 

To Whom It is Given to? It is given to those who will be sent to foreign countries with official duty, but who are not able to be given diplomatic or specially stamped passports under the Law.

The same kind of passport is also given to those, who are working as civil servant status in international organizations which the Republic of Turkey is a member of it as well as those assigned by the Turkish Aeronautical Association and Turkey Red Crescent Society.

4. Public Passport (General Passport)


How Many Page Does It Consist of? 

To Whom It is Given to? It is given to Turkish citizens other than those listed above.

The type of passport obtained by foreign nationals upon getting Turkish citizenship is the Public Passport.


What are the Benefits of a Turkish Passport?

Foreign citizens who acquire Turkish citizenship also get a Turkish passport.

How strong is the Turkish Passport? What advantages do foreign citizens who receive a Turkish passport benefit from? You can review the explanations about the subject below.


> You Can Get Your Turkish Passport Quickly

In order for a foreign country citizen to get a Turkish passport in other ways than investment, he/she must live continuously for at least 5 years in Turkey before applying for a Turkish passport. Only after this period person can apply for Turkish citizenship.

The person who wants to get a Turkish passport by investing does not need to wait for this period. After realizing its investment and other necessary conditions, a person can apply for a Turkish passport quickly.

> Long Term Passport Use

The Turkish passport has 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years and more. The Turkish passport, issued for a maximum of 10 years, gives you long-term travel.

When your passport expires, you will continue to renew your passport period by doing your necessary application without any time limit.

> The Power of Turkish Passport

According to the Henley Passport Index 2020, which is prepared based on the special data of the International Air Transport Association (IATA); in the ranking of the most powerful country passports, Turkey is in 55th ranks among 199 passports.

In addition, thanks to this power of the Turkish passport, it is easier to obtain the Schengen visa, which is necessary to go to European countries for both commercial and touristic purposes.

> Opportunity to Visa-free Travel to Europe in the Future

Turkey's European Union application and visa liberalization negotiations have been ongoing. Onward years, the opportunity can be for Turkish citizens who have Turkish passports to travel to European countries without a visa.

> Visa-Free / Gate Visa Travel Opportunity to Over 100 Countries

When you want to visit a different country for business or touristic purposes, the procedures related to visa processes, preparing the necessary documents completely and correctly, filling out forms, applying, paying the visa fee and ultimately the stress of the possibility of a visa not being issued is a very tiring process.

A person holding a Turkish Passport can travel to more than 100 countries without a visa, and for some countries, it is also easy to get a visa.

Turkish citizens holding Public Passports (Maroon Colored) may benefit from limited time visa exemption or ease of obtaining a visa at the gate in the countries listed below.


Visa-Free / Gate-Visa Countries in Europe



Bosnia and Herzegovina


Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC)







Visa-Free / Gate-Visa Countries in Asia





Hong Kong








South Korea







Sri Lanka









East Timor







Kingdom of Tonga


Republic of Vanuatu

Visa-Free / Gate-Visa Countries in Africa



South Africa Republic






Cape Verde


Comoros Islands




Sao Tome and Principe


Republic of Sierra Leone






Republic of Zimbabwe

Visa-Free / Gate-Visa Countries in the United States

Antigua and Barbuda







Dominican Republic


El Salvador





Costa Rica






St. Lucia

Trinidad and Tobago



The British Virgin Islands

Cook Islands