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Why do you need a consultant
To buy a property in Turkey?

Buying a property in Turkey is not an issue that can be done without a consultant and guide because the laws are different in each country and also enough knowledge to choose the best property is an important criterion and the most important details in real estate, especially in buying property becomes more important.

Below you will find the quick steps for buying a property in Turkey and an attempt has been made to make a comparison of the consultant is not with you for the purchase.

1. Come to Turkey and the first touch in the airport

Imagine that you will come to Istanbul to buy a property and arrive at the airport, the new airport in Istanbul is very big and when you leave the main door there is a world of choices for you, for example. You can use airport taxis or buses that take you to the city center, but MELARES company has provided you with a very complete service in this regard, first after checking the passport with our colleagues in the two booths. Available at the airport you will meet and they are able to speak different languages especially parasites, and in some cases, they will speak to you in your native language and provide you with basic information, and they will provide you with a catalog of basic information about more than 300 housing projects in Istanbul, and then, if possible, our sales experts with the company's exclusive car and specialist driver will meet you and you will start receiving the most key information without wasting time.
We believe that the route from the airport to your hotel is the best time to get acquainted and provide the most basic information.

2.Free tours to visit projects and districts

According to your present plan in Istanbul, the driver and sales experts from the Hotel will accompany you with the company's exclusive car, and according to your budget, you will visit the regions, facilities, and potentials of the regions and provide you with complete information. In this way, you will be able to get the most accurate information about the best areas and neighborhoods as well as the best residential or commercial projects from experts who speak your native language also with big help from Turkish professionals sales manager who has been in the real estate business for years. In this case, you will get accurate information about Turkish real estate and you will be able to compare the information at rest time to choose the best one.
Now imagine coming to Istanbul without an expert consultant and going to visit different projects and areas, so you won't have any accurate and complete information about the best options and you will surely fall into the trap of people who go to They are looking to abuse you, so be very careful about that.

3. After-sales service and legal procedures

After reviewing the various options and different districts, as well as receiving the best advice from MELARES sales experts, you will reach the best property that is right for you. Now is the time to follow the legal procedure and go through the process of receiving the title deeds. Then you will face receiving the unit which purchased or buy the necessary equipment for the house. In all these steps, our company experts, as well as the company's lawyers and the others, are by your side to reach the desired destination and in the safest possible way to pass the process of buying a house in Turkey and then obtain Turkish citizenship or residence permit of Turkey. 
Now imagine doing all this alone and not knowing the exact details of the types of real estate deeds in Turkey or the ways of transferring money to the contractor or imagine that you intend to receive the purchased unit but that the unit has problems that It needs to be changed so that you are in the midst of big problems without guidance and you may have a bitter experience forever.

With all this information, which is a brief reference to different parts, it is up to you to make the best choices using the 18-year experience of Turkish company or to make mistakes that will compensate you very much.

Our company's experts are ready to provide services for your guidance in your native language for free. All you have to do is contact us.