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Where to Buy
a House in Turkey?

Where to Buy a House in Turkey?


One of the frequently asked questions by potential buyers is, "Where to Buy a House in Turkey?” Whether they get to live in or for investment. Each region varies according to society levels and addresses differ according to their way of life.

Turkey real estate market is very similar to other parts of the world. In every cities of the country you are able to find land, most recent trends of houses, services, facilities, and other similar factors.

Turkey's official land records, indicate that the most famous districts ( such as Istanbul the most beautiful and biggest city of Turkey, Antalya, Fethiye, Bursa, Bodrum, Alanya, Yalova, Trabzon, etc.), half the price of the property can be invest in real estate, not only by Turkish people but also foreigners wishing to benefit from the current situation. The reason for this is to support Turkey's real estate market and to enrich the real estate market rather to be late, so prices are still lower than the western countries.


Istanbul is the best city to answer the question “Where to buy house in Turkey?”. Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities connecting Asian and European continents with amazing nature. It is the magnificent city that not only in Turkey but also with the cultural and historical wealth of the world has been leading the city. This city, which attracts local and foreign investors, leads the real estate sector with mega housing projects.

Istanbul has many neighborhoods, those who are aiming to buy house in Turkey dream of the home options to buy in Istanbul. Districts such as Nisantasi seen a fantastic increase in prices as the region moved more into luxury life. Whereas other places demand massive projects for residences, flats or studio rooms suited to employees in the center of the city, families and students.

Foreign investors and families include Arabians, Chinese, Iranians and Europeans, who are influenced by Istanbul's historical impact timeline of various cultures.

Unless you know where to buy, there is diversity of options for food, kitchen culture, shopping, art, entertainment and lifestyle. The population of Istanbul is 15 million 67 thousands 724 people and it seems ready to climb, so it is a strong trend for new and modern housing projects. Renovation and reestablishment housing projects are also in high demand and plenty of land in ensures that the demand is met.


Antalya which is popular as the pearl of the Mediterranean that responds to those who are saying "Where to Buy a House in Turkey?”. It is one of Turkey's most popular tourist destinations, ranks second among the most housing sold cities. Konyaalti and Lara, which are home to the blue flagged beaches, are two investment areas that attract investors all around the world and do not have any competitors in the purchase of housing due to their central location.

Turkey's second most popular holiday resort is Antalya. The peninsula is divided into smaller resorts, each with its own especial stature and criteria. Antalya also attracts investors and property buyers with its amazing malls, various transportation alternatives and with the historical village.




Fethiye which is situated on the Mediterranean coast, known as the jewel of the Mediterranean developed from a minor fishing village to a city within its own possibilities. A large number of investors of real estate which were permanently moved, besides the price of the houses the transportation network and amazing landscapes, including the blue seas and the Taurus Mountains attracted them. 

Fethiye which is a famous vacation resort, there are local residences also speak English which provides an easy way for life and daily communications of foreigners and to see your need up to the time you could pass a language learning phase. In addition Fethiye district center has the small holiday resorts such as Calis, Hisaronu, Ovacik and Oludeniz.

Almost every part of the Fethiye district is the most crowded part in summer, and local businesses such as cafes, bars and restaurants are full in summer days. This feature has a big role for property investors looking for a summer house, for themselves or for rental purposes. It has a high rental return and you can have a high gain from your investment which will be an amazing point shot to decide "Where to Buy a House in Turkey?” .


Bursa is the fourth largest city in Turkey, shows an increase in the annual rate of housing purchases. The tourism profile rose to the top with its amazing mosques, museums, bazaars and the biggest winter and nature sports center. Bursa is at the attraction point of investors with its caravanserais, inns, historical villages as well as Uludag Ski Center. The city welcomes thousands of local and foreign tourists throughout the year.


Bodrum on the Aegean coast is a different destination for those who are thinking "Where to Buy a House in Turkey?” that appeals budget of the real estate investors. Bodrum has both residential houses and luxury villas with the most recent architectural brands and modern furniture for luxury buyers who are interested in the real estate market. The peninsula has numerous apartments and villas, all close to shopping facilities, as well as the nearby airport provides quick and easy access to the region from all parts of the world.

While resorts like Yalikavak and Turgutreis attract European buyers with middle income, Turkbuku is a modern part with a facility that attracts the attention of rich Turkish and rich foreign investors from big cities. Bodrum is also a center for the Turkish Riviera, the Blue Voyage industry, which instantly promotes itself as an international center for business, lifestyle and tourism.

Where to Buy a House in Turkey/ Alanya?

Alanya is located in the east of Antalya right at the center of city, Alanya is one of the districts that attracts the attention on it with the tourism. Alanya, which is the richest coastal district in terms of nature, historical and cultural features, welcomes many tourists from all over the world in summer and winter. This causes an amazing increase in the real estate market. Luxury housing projects have increased recently in the district and all parts of the Alanya city.


Yalova takes place near to the Bursa, it is one of the provinces that have started to get active recently in the real estate market. It is very favorable for investors who want to buy a house with reasonable prices per square meter. Yalova offering a comfortable and calm lifestyle with its amazing location. It takes only one hour to arrive in Istanbul from Yalova. It will be a smart decision if you buy a house from Yalova.


Trabzon which is the shining star of the Black Sea, with its breathtaking nature, it has a rapid increase in housing projects with investors from the Middle East in recent years and a boom has occurred in the real estate sector. Due to the location of the city, 90% of the housing projects have a magnificent view of the Black Sea. Trabzon is in the first choice of all residential buyers and investors especially Arabian investors and families with its pure nature, lush green plateaus and impressive sea view. 

Best Places for Luxury Life in Turkey

The demand for luxury housing projects is rapidly increasing day by day. There are many parts of Turkey that have luxury residences such as Antalya and Istanbul. However, there are many luxurious houses in the towns as well as in the metropolitan areas. Kalkan, which is a popular region for renting housing thanks to its high annual rental income, is the place to the wide range of luxurious apartments and villas positioned against the Mediterranean.

If you are looking for houses for investment, it is always the right time to buy real estate. Because on the next 5 years the average property prices will continue to rise in the real estate market of Turkey. So whenever you get it, it's always the right time unless you invest in the wrong real estate. If we talk about an investment in the sense of a house where you will live, it is necessary to choose the summer seasons to buy real estate.

When buying a resale house, the situation is different. Now, you need to be careful about the real estate not only in terms of the house, but also in many special categories from earthquake resistance to no parking troubles. Because the old houses will need features of the new generation of real estate standards. As a result, the best performing investment vehicle in last 10 years in Turkey is real estate market. 

MELARES Turkey Properties, as an international real estate company with offices in three points of Istanbul, we can help you to decide the best place from where to buy a house in Turkey. Whether it is an apartment or a villa for sale, we are always with you with our professional team.

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