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What is A Turquoise Card
and Who Can Apply for Turquoise Card?

Upon the application of the foreigners listed below, Turquoise Card can be issued in accordance with the recommendations of the International Labor Policy Advisory Board and the procedures and principles determined by the Ministry.


1. Highly Skilled Workers: Foreigners with high qualifications such as good education level, income, professional knowledge and experience, contribution to science and technology.

2. Qualified Investors: Foreign investors with high qualifications such as the size of the employment they will constitute, their investment and export potential, their contribution to the developments in science and technology, and so on.

3. Scientists and Researchers: Foreign scientists and researchers who contribute to the fields of science and technology / carry out studies and research that are considered to be strategic in the fields of science, industry and technology for the interests of the country at the international level.

4. Successful People in Culture - Art - Sport Fields: Those who are successful in culture, art or sports activities in international platforms.

5. Turkey and Turkish Culture Introducers: Foreigners that contribute to the identification and recognition of Turkey and Turkish culture at the international level.




How to Apply for a Turquoise Card?


Direct Application: If a foreign person is in Turkey legally, he/she can do it by entering foreign identification number through the system. (It is not required that the foreigner has valid residence permit.)

Application With Foreign Missions: If foreign person is not in Turkey, he/she can apply through the Turkish Foreign Missions in the countries where he/she has been in legally.

Application with an Intermediary Institution: An application can be made at home and abroad by the intermediary institution authorized on behalf of the foreign person.


Duration of Turquoise Card


* This application can be made starting 180 days before the transition period expires. If an application is made after the period has expired, the request is rejected and the Turquoise Card becomes invalid.

* The wife of the Turquoise Card holder foreigner and their dependent children are given a document indicating that they are "relatives of the Turquoise Card holder". This document is a residence permit.


What Rights Can Not Turquoise Card Holders Benefit?



* Turquoise Card holders cannot benefit of these rights if the condition of being a Turkish citizen is required in the special laws regarding the use of the rights and obligations mentioned above.

* They cannot enjoy the right to elect and be elected and also to enter public duties.

How Much Does Turquoise Card Cost?

As per the Charges Law;

* Work permit and residence permit fee are not collected from foreigners holding Turquoise Cards.

* Residence permit fee is not collected from the relatives of the Turquoise Card holder.


What are the Documents Required for Turquoise Card Application?

Documents required for application are below.

1. Application petition,

2. Copy of the foreigner's passport or passport replacement document,

3. Certificate of conformity obtained from the relevant public institution and organization, if any,

4. As per the regulation,



For High Quality Labour Force Owners; Diploma, employment contract, resume, appointment or assignment letter, professional experience, internationally accepted documents showing foreign languages known, etc.

For Qualified Investors; Investment size, employment level, export amount, financial adequacy, region of activity, sector and documents showing the job, etc,

For Scientists and Researchers; Diploma, certificate showing academic career and title, academic studies or license, trademark or patent documents, etc.

For Those Successful in Culture - Art - Sports Fields; Documents that show that the person is successful,

For Those Who Introduces Turkey and the Turkish Culture; Documents related to activities carried out at the international level as a volunteer of Turquoise, documents related to promotional activities, including information such as ideas and works of art, duration, sustainability, continuity and impact area, and so on.