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Weird Turkish

Weird Turkish Food


Turkey created weird Turkish food especially non-spicy, rich and savory cuisine - flavors between Turkish foods, filling up menus of restaurants around the world. There is a legacy of Ottoman cuisine, a traditional Turkish food menu popular for its meat-filled skewers, but there is much more.

Whether main courses, desserts, appetizers or juices; weird Turkish food will amaze your taste buds and you will want to eat it always. That is why, Turkish cuisine offer a complete menu appealing to everyone's choice, from the entire world of Turkish delicacies. Turkish foods are not just consisting of meatballs, kebabs and doner, it has more than these foods. You may not pronounce the name of the weird Turkish foods, but you will taste it in every part of Turkey.


Delicious and Weird Turkish Food



It is impossible to count all the top Turkish cuisines that are perfect for hardcore foodies. Make your holiday an incredible in Turkey with experiencing delicious Turkish foods. See what you can eat in terms of the best Turkish traditional dishes before going to a cozy restaurant and ordering.

Meat and chicken lovers will be delighted to find a wide number of delicious dishes on the weird Turkish foods menu. There is a lots of foods to enjoy eating it, you will remain spoiled to select from it. Sit back before planning your trip to this amazing country, make your search about delicious and weird Turkish food and enjoy these non-vegetarian Turkish dishes after you come here.


Manti: Mini Ravioli


Consider a stuffed miniature raviolis! This is exactly what Manti food is, ravioli - boiled or fried beef / lamb meatballs with a variety of spices. It is the Turkish version of Italian food that you will surely discover your taste buds. Spicy minced meat will melt only in your mouth and garlic tastes very good with tomato sauce raviolis. It is a traditional Turkish food made with love in every home. This is a famous Turkish dish in India as well.


Kofte: Turkish Meatballs


Meatballs (Kofte) are balls or meatballs made of slightly cooked ground beef or lamb. It is usually is eaten with salad in the pita bread. Even you can eat a Turkish vegetarian dish prepared with chickpeas and vegetables. Meatballs are an essential part of every Turkish cuisine. So, you will find it in every street restaurants and homes.

Lahmacun: Turkish Style Pizza

Flat and crunchy Lahmacun is like a pizza prepared with minced meat, salad and lemon on bread and can be wrapped or foldable in half. The Turkish pizza counterpart is full of taste. Minced lamb and amazing Mediterranean spices are partying in your mouth. It is one of the popular street food you can find all over Turkey. So, you should give place to it in your menu on your next holiday to Turkey.

Menemen: Turkish Egg Taste

It is one of the less common weird Turkish food in a restaurant menu, Menemen can be a quick breakfast item of scrambled eggs cooked in sauteed vegetables. If you want to taste how the Turks like eggs, the answer is Menemen. It is basically a whipped egg cooked gently with onions, peppers, paprika and thyme.

Sis Kebab: Turkish Seekh Kebab

Add the small pieces of lamb meat on a wooden or metal stick and hen cooks the meat on the embers. As soon as you get the smell of Sis kebab, your mouth will start watering and you will see delicious meats when served hot from coal. It is a country that introduced its amazing cuisine to the world with meat or kebabs. Sis Kebab is one of the other is a popular street weird Turkish food.

Doner: Weird Turkish food


If you like sandwiches, you will surely love doner. Try the kebab sandwich made with chicken, lamb or beef served with fresh vegetables, spices and garlic yogurt. It is a good and fresh combination of flavors gathered in pita bread. The meat is cooked with full of savor on a vertical a cooking appliance with a rotating spit for roasting and barbecuing meat. Sliced meats are filled into stacked doner with fresh vegetables and sauce. Turkish fast foods are mostly healthy and very delicious.

Iskender Kebab: Strips Of Lamb

Iskender kebab, long lamb strips cooked and served with a spicy tasty tomato sauce and yogurt on pita bread and melted butter on top. Iskender kebab was named after Master Alexander (Iskender Efendi) from the Ottoman Empire lived in Busra.

Corba: Turkish Soup

A wide number of delicious soup dishes are taken its place in the Turkish foods - the most preferred options are lentils or tomatoes soups. Be adventurous with your food choices and try soups with sheep soup or tongue soup. Turks are going crazy for their soup and one of the indispensable dish in their menus. That is why, you should eat it at least once while on vacation in Turkey. The soup makes a comfortable and warm feeling in your stomach.

Kuzu Tandir: Lamb Delicacy

This is one of the dishes which is mostly loved by people who are interested in weird Turkish food. The scent of this dish and the well-cooked lamb will provide the great dining experience you can have in Turkey. This food is popular from ancient times and still steals people's hearts in the same way.


This dish is one of the most popular Turkish dishes, it can be easily found anywhere in Turkey.  The taste of this dish, is quite delicious and you should definitely try it. The taste of this food will remain in your mouth and you will want to have more. Pide is the great Turkish food you can order in restaurants in Istanbul.

Pilav: Turkish Rice

Delicious buttered rice! Pilav is taste rice made in water with butter / vegetable oil and noodles. In addition it is cooked with eggplant, chickpeas, meat or liver slices and thyme, pepper and cinnamon cumin. You can find the rice in Turkey during the winter and summer months. If you are a vegetarian person, this is an absolute meal you will love and you must try it. Make sure that the golden color of the rice is sautéed in oil and full of taste.

Yaprak Sarma: A Healthy Snack

Leaf wrapping, which is one of the first flavors made to be served especially to the guests who come to visit on holidays, is the love of everyone. Leaf wrap, which can be made not only during the holidays but also as an intermediate hot before dinner, is one of the most delicious dishes. You can eat it daily at any time of day.

Turkey has traditional food packed with great flavors. This dish had an impact on the Ottoman Empire and is popular from the Middle East to Southeast Europe. Preparing this dish is a bit time consuming, but worth it.

Dolma: Vegetarian Delicacy

Fresh vegetables or dried eggplants, peppers, tomatoes, or zucchini are filled with a mix of rice, mincemeat and onions before cooking in water and butter. This dish is mostly served normally not hot, not cold. Turkey is a famous Mediterranean kitchen and the areas situated on the beyond. This dish is thought to have appeared in the Ottoman Topkapi Palace in the 17th century.

Imam Bayildi: A Spicy Weird Turkish Food

Imam Bayildi is stuffed with a mixture of tomatoes, onions and garlic, the eggplants are filled with rice, bulgur and other vegetables. This Turkish dish is baked in the oven and served with rice. There is a funny joke about the name that an Imam fainted when he heard the cost of the ingredients involved in making this dish. There are other funny jokes about the history of names that will color the dish for you.


Another delicious street food famous in seaside resorts and cities prepared of jacket potato with a crunchy outer skin and soft interior, it is accessible with a diversity of sauces to choose between cheese, sausage, pickles and Russian salad.

Balik Ekmek: Fish Sandwich

One of the great things in Turkey is that you can find a diversity of tastes while walking in the streets. Such a delicious weird Turkish street food is Balik Ekmek. It is a tasty sandwich prepared from grilled fish. This street food is the flavor of fresh fish from the sea that you can taste it on your trips. All over the country with a delight that it renews may say that Turkey's national dish and therefore is served in the most popular festivals of the country. In addition, it is a cheap dish.

Cig Kofte: Spicy Balls

Cig kofte (Raw meatballs) are all kneaded and cooked. These spicy balls are prepared with bulgur, onion, pepper and tomato paste, spices and herbs. Try this weird Turkish food is made from lean beef.  Arising from the southern part of Turkey's most famous places, there is too much history behind it. Additionally, you can choose to only eat a vegetarian version that can be found in several places in Turkey.