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Ways of Acquiring Turkish Citizenship
by Buying Turkish Villas

Turkish villas with wonderful prices offering Turkish citizenship. How to obtain Turkish citizenship by buying Turkish villas? What are the facilities provided while investing in villas in Turkey? What are the advantages of Turkish citizenship?

In this blog, you will get all information and important details about acquiring Turkish citizenship by investing program has been started in 2018. It is enough to invest 250.000 dollars in one or more real estate options.


Do You Know How You Can Make Investment and What Are the Advantages?



Turkish villas are built in very modren and luxury standards. Do you know how you can make an investment and what the advantages are after you invest as a person from your side? 
Do you want Turkish villas for with affordable prices? Also Turkish citizenship along with it… Who would not want that? We are here to prime you about investment in Turkish villas with our knowledge and experience!

Turkey has a growing economy. It is among the strongest G20 countries with its young population, strong democracy and projects that have billion-dollar value.
Turkey is an attractive point with its stronger health system than countries like America and France.As well as with its unique beauty beaches and enormous shopping centers.

You can obtain Turkish citizenship and own Dual citizenship if you make a certain amount of investment in real estate in Turkey. With the new legal regulations issued by the Turkish government in September 2018. Foreigners get the opportunity to buy property in Turkey worth 250.000 dollars and acquire Turkish citizenship by investment in Turkey.


So, what are the advantages of Turkish citizenship for you?


What are the facilities provided while investing in Turkish villas? Here are some advantages of acquiring Turkish citizenship:
Turkey's government sets you free about how you make your real estate investment. You can pay 250 thousand dollars for a single Turkish villa. Also, you have the chance to divide your investment of 250 thousand dollars and get a huge amount of income with your property investments. 


How does that happen?


You can buy more than one house with a total value of 250 thousand dollars and obtain rental income from the houses you invested in.
In other words, while living in your magnificent Turkish villa, you can maintain your life with the income of your other house or houses. You can find Turkish villas either in the highlands of Trabzon or on the amazing south coast. If your total budget is a minimum of 250 thousand dollars, you can organize your investment as you wish.


Of course Turkish cuisine!



Turkey with its rich food culture attracts people itself from all over the world. From street food to elegant restaurants, from fish restaurants to kebab restaurants, there are lots of dishes that suit every taste. Turkish cuisine awaits you with hundreds of options.


Other advantages of obtaining citizenship with buying Turkish Villas




 If you have a Turkish passport; it means that you can go to more than 100 destinations without a visa or with a gate visa. Countries such as Russia, Thailand, South Korea, Argentina, Serbia, South Africa, Brazil, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Japan are just some examples of them.

You can give your Turkish villas for rent that you invested as well as you can sell them back at the end of the 3 years. The Turkish citizenship right you acquired will not be lost even if you sell your investment at the end of 3 years. It continues lifelong.

As you buy Turkish villas and start living in Turkey you will not wonder about your health. Turkey has one of the world's most advanced health care system. At the same time, it provides most of the health services to its citizens free of charge.

 Turkey is one of the most preferred countries all over the world. Every year millions of people come to Turkey because of health tourism. Especially for hair plantation operations, aesthetic surgery and serious operations. Be sure that you will feel safe and healthy here in Turkey.


Find All the Things that meet your expectations



In points such as Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, Bodrum, Alanya which are alive 24 hours, you can find all the things that meet your expectations. At any time of the day, life goes on 7 days 24 hours. You will have a magnificent life in your Turkish villas.
Cafes, entertainment venues, shopping centers, transportation facilities and you will feel that you live in Turkey with a strong police force that protects them all.
Also, Turkey with 82 percent of Muslims, is the country with most mosques in the world.
Besides all these, Turkey is a country of respect and peace, where all beliefs are lived together. With its hundreds of churches, synagogues and other places of worship you will have a comfortable life here.