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Waterfront Property for
Sale in Turkey

Waterfront Property for Sale in Turkey


Turkey is surrounded by four breathtaking seas which are very popular in the world. Black Sea, Sea of Marmara, Aegean Sea and Mediterranean Sea makes Turkey a magical county. 

Turkey has a population of 83 million 154 thousand 997 people. Thrace has separated the Asian portion of Turkey by the Bosphorus, the Sea of Marmara, and the Dardanelles which collectively form the strategic Turkish Straits that link the Aegean Sea with the Black Sea.


Black Sea 

The Black Sea is one of the youngest seas in the world, it was used to be a large lake about 8,000 years ago. It is one of the best seas which attracts all investors around the world.

The Black Sea is an inner sea that covers an area of approximately 420 thousand square kilometers, reaching 2206 meters at its deepest point.

It is connected to the Marmara Sea in the southwest by the Bosphorus Strait. Important ports of the Black Sea; Istanbul, Trabzon, Samsun, Sinop, Burgas, Varna, Constanta, Yalta, Odessa, Sevastopol, Kerch, Novorossiysk, Sochi, Sukhum, Poti and Batumi.

Marmara Sea

The Sea of Marmara is an inland sea connected to the black sea with the Bosphorus in the northeast of the Aegean Sea and the Dardanelles Strait in the southwest. It is located between Thrace and Anatolian regions and exceeds 11 thousand square kilometers. You can find perfect seaside houses for sale in Istanbul, Yalova, Bursa, etc. 

Aegean Sea

The Aegean Sea is a part of the Mediterranean Sea that takes place between Turkey and Greece shows typical Mediterranean climate features; summers are dry and winters are fun but not too cold. It is located in the south of the Mediterranean, in the west of the Greek Peninsula and in the east of Thrace. It is connected to the Marmara Sea and the Dardanelles Strait in the northeast. Covering an area of 214 thousand square kilometers, extends from north to south about 660 kilometers and reaches a maximum depth of 3543 meters. Tides are very limited in the Aegean Sea. 

Mediterranean Sea

The magnificent Mediterranean Sea is surrounded by Arab countries in the east, Europe in the north and Africa in the south. It connects to the Atlantic Ocean in the west by the Strait of Gibraltar. The Aegean and the Sea of Marmara are generally considered as part of the Mediterranean.

The most desired waterfront property for sale in Turkey are located near these seas. You can find awesome seaside houses for sale in Antalya, Bodrum, Kalkan, Alanya and Kas cities.

The magical sea views, special piers for mooring boats and Beach platforms are readily available. In spite of the fact, these residences require a little high price they are still 50% lower than their counterparts in Spain Trans. This luxury house deserves those prices and probably at the prettier position.

Why to Hurry in Purchasing Waterfront Property for Sale in Turkey?

As Turkey's popularity is growing day by day, soon the number of affordable beachfront property will decline. 

Those who are in search to buy a waterfront property should take action in the Mediterranean. We also want to highlight a recent change in the Turkish coastal areas it is no longer possible to build housing projects within 100 meters of sea line in Turkey.

So it means the number of waterfront houses will decline or will disappear soon from stunning beach houses, new projects need to be taken back hundreds of meters from the coast in Turkey.

This will certainly have a huge impact on the real estate market, where old properties built directly on the beach will give a much higher premium, as these will become very rare to find. Besides, it will have high investment value and high return when selling it back.

There are waterfront houses built several years ago on Istanbul, Kalkan and Bodrum for sale with affordable prices and it is the best opportunity to buy it now.

The increase in yachting and the parallel demand to coastal houses in Turkey is another interesting thing that takes place nowadays.

According to yacht charters, boat and yachting industry in Turkey rises 12% each year.

Therefore, it is an inevitable thing to be away from these seas as people are increasingly sailing into the Turkish seas, so they will want to buy from the waterfront property for sale in Turkey.


Discover Amazing Waterfront Property in Turkey


Turkey which is a vibrant country has a magnificent combination of culture, ethnic diversity and vast landscape, covering mountains, plains, lakes and the amazing coastlines which attracts everyone in the world. Turkey has a wide diversity of stunning waterfront property for sale.

 As well as, there are activities for people who are interested in adventurers, most precious and historical mosques, museums, rich culture and cities that are as interesting as they are visually appealing. For those who want to involve themselves in a country's deep history and not something else, Turkey is a perfect country.

Turkey's real estate is rich in lush forests, sparkling sea and include some of the world's most luxurious beachfront villas surrounded by nature.

Turkey has charming seaside properties for sale with seaside to be discovered in Aegean, pristine beaches and beautiful properties in the coastal village.

 Turkey has a highly efficient spot for investment on which the famous shores of the Bosphorus expensive luxury property and Istanbul's upcoming Golden Horn.

There are wide range of simply stunning sea-front homes available for sale in Turkey, which make both an ideal investment and a fantastic home for a new start.

Stunning Waterfront Property for Sale in Istanbul

As Istanbul is divided into two parts Anatolian side and European side. There is lots of seaside houses in both sides of Istanbul to be discovered. Besides its magnificent waterfront location, these houses offer Turkish citizenship as well. In order to obtain Turkish citizenship, it will be enough to buy property worth of 250.000$ and you should not sell it for three years.

Ultra-luxury waterfront houses are located in different parts of Istanbul. The attractive housing project is built on urban renewal areas. You can find charming houses and villas near Bosphorus, prince Island, Kartal, near Sariyer kilyos coast, Uskudar and Kadikoy, etc. on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. 

For those who are interested to live on the European side of Istanbul, there are extremely impressive apartments as well as villas on Buyukcekmece, Silivri, Beylikduzu, Avcılar, Kucukcekmece, Florya, Zeytinburnu and Fatih, etc.

Waterfront houses are elegantly designed with superb interior and exterior architecture. These luxury houses in Istanbul have many amenities such as swimming pool with private beach, indoor swimming pool, sports complex, fitness center, pier, Pilates and yoga areas, children's playgrounds, climbing wall, walking and jogging paths, city club, entertainment center, kindergarten, dance school, health club, pharmacy, Turkish bath, sauna, various parks, 7/24 security and camera security systems, disabled access ramp, library, restaurants and cafes.

Waterfront property for sale in Turkey has easy access to all public transportation (subway, Metrobus, tram and minibus), Istanbul airport and railway systems.

For example there is a value added project with excellent investment opportunity in a central location at heart of Istanbul on the European side. 

This luxury project is constructed on Zeytinburnu very close to the important business, entertainment, culture, art and shopping centers, universities, High School, hospitals. With advantage of best location having easy access to both sides of Istanbul with public transportation facilities, E5 motorway and Metrobus.

The project is right at the seaside, every room has a sea view. Which allows you to enjoy a pleasant life with rich social activities. The distance between the 7 blocks that make up the project is 95 meters some in places and the width between the blocks also makes room for the green areas. Specially designed landscaping areas allow you to enjoy the green.

It has one bedroom apartments and five apartment types with high ceilings and glass walls, spacious rooms, stylish decoration, warehouse, cellar, utility room with all the details such as this house is designed for ultimate comfort of small and big families. No walls in this apartment! With its glass walls designed with an award-winning architectural approach, the sea is a spectacularl view you will feel in your home.

You are going to experience a home with 5 stars hotel's criteria on the European Side of Istanbul,

Another luxury villa located in Beykoz district on the Asian side of Istanbul awaits for you with unlimited perfection and ultra-high-level sensation of living in Istanbul. You going to have the forest, sea and bridge view beside you, all in your villa.

Not just a villa nor the same triplex one you remember, This villa is placed in a magnificent area at a very strategic district of the city that Europe and Asia meet together. It means that you are living between Asia and Europe. If this is worth it to you, then you can understand what you are paying for.

This villa has two main floors with an underground and one attic covering about 600 square meters area. You have the forest view on the west side, sea view on east side plus Fatih Sultan Mehmet bridge view beside it. Using a unique color in the exterior makes this property more special. It consists modern living room, eight bedrooms and five bathrooms with meets all the needs of a big family. 

For more waterfront luxury apartments and villas you can have a look on our website melares.com portfolios. 

 As Melares Turkey Properties, we offer a complete service for you to find best waterfront property for sale in Turkey and to know more about the many great reasons to invest in Turkey. You can contact us now for more information about our wonderful real estate for sale in Turkey.