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Villas for Sale
in Turkey

Villas for Sale in Turkey


The most luxurious type of real estate all around the world are villas. Villas are built with the maximum quality and comfort of constructing. Those who want to own a villa above the standards with the most qualitative materials there are Luxury villas for sale in Turkey.

Nowadays construction companies in Turkey are in research and continue to find innovative ideas while constructing villas. 

There are lots of comprehensive villas for sale all around Turkey in each of the cities, such as Istanbul, Antalya, Alanya, Belek, Kash, Kalkan, Kemer and some other parts of Turkey.

 Each city of Turkey has its own features on constructing villas: There are many options for villa houses due to the high standards of living in Istanbul.

There are a lot of different types of villas in Turkey. The sizes of villas differ from duplex to fourplex properties, covering from 150 square meters to 800 square meters and more.

 Some of which have different facilities for your ultimate comfort such as a swimming pool, fitness and sports halls, a Turkish bath, mini cinema halls within it in order to have a rest in silence only with your family and beautiful nature.

The most famous and magnificent places of Turkey has dedicated to the construction of villas on which most of them have a breathtaking view from the mountains to the sea.

Nowadays, there are lots of spacious and luxury alternatives for the villa in Turkey on which all of the investors and businessmen of the world are interested so hurry up not to miss this magnificent opportunity.

You can find awesome villas within walking distance to sea and all central points in villas in Turkey for sale on our daily updated website melares.com search engine.

Architectural Design of Villas for Sale in Turkey

Villas for sale in Turkey are famous for its luxuries and stunning architectural designs. Turkey villas are also have the best architecture, some of them are made with modern new brands, some of them are made with historical texture in it and some of them are made of typical stone cottage style.

Innovative architects have find the best solutions for the maximum need for sunlight and spacious balconies and terraces even there is roof terraces in some villas. They are risen through the ranks to become the most talented archaists in the world. 

Each part of the villas is designed with elegant and innovative architecture for the ultimate comfort that will influence you at first glance. The fascinating view of villas will give you the calm of best living in your home. You can enjoy your breakfast and coffee time on the magnificent terraces with a nice breeze of nature, sea or forest. 

Luxury Villas for Sale in Istanbul Turkey



Istanbul, the city of dreams have a lot of charming and luxury villas in different districts both on the Anatolian side and European side. In districts that redefines luxury and comfort, far beyond the construction of an ordinary villa. 

The villas are mad with the standards of floor to ceiling windows, you can make maximum use of daylight. Its green areas offer you the opportunity to live in harmony with nature.

You can find villas on Sariyer, Eyup Sultan, Uskudar, Beykoz, Basaksehir, Beylikduzu and Buyukcekmece constructed with the world’s highest standards and use of quality materials in every detail.

Most of the villas are ready to deliver with its title deed appropriate for Turkish citizenship. Villas are at the attraction point by having a high rental return and high investment value with its most popular locations.

This luxury villas for sale in Istanbul Turkey are a family homes that delivers a substantial floor plan with plenty of living spaces. 

Most of the villas has detached outdoor and indoor swimming pools, spacious sport hall, Elevator if it has more floors, big gardens and 7/24 security system.

Recently the number of foreigners is increased who want to purchase and start a brand new life in villas. 

Hence, the need for a luxury villa in Istanbul has increased the construction companies started to build lots of luxury villas in every point of Istanbul.

 Now it is possible to find a villa for sale in many parts of Istanbul by starting research in melares.com.

As the demand for villas increased, investments have also been accelerated together with lands for sale in Istanbul Turkey. Now you can choose our dreamed life with the facilities villas for sale in Istanbul to provide by the private pool and live a life like vacations.

Are Turkish Villas a Good Investment?

At recent years, investor all around the world is very interested in villas for sale in Turkey. It is the world’s most attractive market in real estate. The affordable prices per square meter attracts many foreign investors visiting Turkey properties for the first time. 

One of the reasons that Turkish villas sales increased is Turkish citizenship with very reasonable prices and the affordable price of villas from other countries. 

Another factor that influences sale of villas is high rental return each year which is a best and smart investment as well as the prices of properties rises for a specific amount each year. 


How to Purchase a Villa in Turkey?

On the website of MELARES Turkey properties portfolio of villas for sale in Turkey Istanbul lists specific information like rooms, Baths, features, amenities and a wide range of updated and recent external photos, interior photos as well as floor plans.

For further details about villa including payment plans, destination information and the purchase process it will be enough to contact us. 

If you cannot decide where to buy or you do not know the location you would like to buy in, we will offer you, a wide range of villas for sale in Istanbul, across many districts.

In the case of coming to Turkey, we can also real estate tours to specific locations so you can see the villas from near and give the best decision by our guidelines.

Outdoor Living Amenities of Villas for Sale in Istanbul

Villas are a fabulous choice for crowded and large families with three or four children and those who cannot give up the luxury life. Live in the Istanbul villas with Bosphorusview set off the dream of many people.

If you want to have a detached and private life with your family villas for sale in Istanbul Turkey are the best solution for it. Villas with independent swimming pool, large landscape areas and gardens is awaits for you in both sides of Istanbul. 

Some villas are constructed in the projects designed as boutique style. Which is a good option for those who are interested in culture of neighborhood.

As example there are some villa projects in Buyukckmece built with the understanding of boutique site, is dominated by all the mansions from the garden level to the magnificent lake view. As well as you can enjoy the four seasons holiday pleasure beside beach. 

 This is a place where lucky families live in that you can see all shades of green, smell the most beautiful flower fragrances, where bird sounds are never missing, there are wide walking paths, sports facilities.