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Villa for Sale
in Istanbul

Villa for Sale in Istanbul


Istanbul is a unique city with one of Turkey's most important and dynamic real estate market. Living in this city and owning a property is a privilege for everyone. It is possible to find the property you want in accordance with your budget and taste in this city.

Today, most families, especially crowded families, prefer villa life to create their own living spaces. Villa life offers you a luxurious life while at the same time it offers comfortable areas. In addition, the prices of the villas are different than the normal apartments. However, if you have made the right villa choice, you will definitely get in return for money that you pay. The prices of the villas in Istanbul vary depending on the region and properties, for example, you can find a villa with a price of USD 400.000, a villa with a price of USD 20.000.000.

The life of a villa is worth the money you pay because it offers you great features that you can't find elsewhere. You live a low-rise life in the villas. You can feel the sky, the sun and the seasons. You enjoy garden life.

If you are looking for villas for sale in Istanbul, you can find a wide variety of villas in different locations and properties. It is important to choose the most suitable of these lifestyles for both your budget and your family form. If you are considering an investment villa, the rental income will earn you more than an apartment.

As MELARES Turkey Properties, we can offer you rich options with our team experienced in villas and our wide range of villa alternatives. First of all, our professional team determines your needs about the villa. Which region? Budget range? The features you expect, etc. Accordingly, a detailed and careful study is carried out on villa alternatives that may be suitable for you. Appropriate villa alternatives are presented to you. Then an appointment is created for your visit to Istanbul. Our team, who welcomes you at the airport when you come to Istanbul, helps you choose one of the villas, which is the home of your dreams, with a free retirement tour.

To find villa for sale in istanbul, all you have to do is enter the properties of the villa you are looking for from the main page of our website and make a search. Our expert Buyer Consultants are happy to help you to get detailed information about the villa you like. You can ask our Buyer Consultants any questions you are curious about.



Where to Buy Villa for Sale in istanbul ?

Istanbul is a very large city with an area of 5.343 square kilometers. Consisting of two main sections, Europe and Asia, Istanbul has very rich property alternatives. Although a large part of this big city consists of apartments, there are some special regions formed for villas. Istanbul is a province that stands out with its natural beauty as well as its culture and history. Although there are less villa building in the central points of the city, some special regions are ideal for you to find villas that suit your like.

The regions that stand out with their villa structures on the European Side of Istanbul can be counted as Zekeriyaköy, Kilyos, Emirgan, Tarabya, Gokturk - Kemerburgaz, Buyukcekmece, Bahcesehir. It is seen that villa buildings are increasing day by day in Beylikduzu and Yakuplu, which is one of the most developing and favorite areas of Istanbul in recent years.

There are also very suitable areas for villa life on the Anatolian Side of Istanbul. Beykoz, Kandilli, Cengelkoy, Dragos are the prominent among these regions.

If you like marine life, you can choose a villa from the Bosphorus region such as Kilyos, Emirgan, Tarabya or from regions such as Yakuplu and Büyükçekmece. Also, in the region called Büyükçekmece Lake Valley, alternatives with lake and sea views will create suitable options for you. On the Anatolian side, Dragos is a dazzling region of villas positioned against the view of the Prince Islands.

If you are a lover of nature and forest view, Gokturk - Kemerburgaz and Zekeriyaköy region offer you magnificent villa lives within the view of the Belgrade forest. Beykoz region is a region dominating the forest and green on the Anatolian side.

What kind of place is Zekeriyaköy?

Zekeriyakoy is a quite suitable place to find villa for sale in Istanbul. Zekeriyaköy is located in Sarıyer district and is 15 minutes away from Maslak, one of the most vibrant and busy areas of Istanbul. The most important features of the region are its low-rise buildings. In this region, which consists mostly of villas, the Belgrad forest covers a very large area. The Kilyos region is located 5 minutes from Zekeriyaköy, which resembles a holiday region in every season. Although Kilyos is located in Istanbul, it is a settlement on the Black Sea coast. Kilyos, which has beaches that can be swim, is one of the most important summer regions of Istanbul. Especially in the summer, this region is visited by local tourists from all over Istanbul. Although the coastal shores are full, the part of the villa settlements in the region is calm and peaceful. Uskumruköy, which is one of the connection roads of Istanbul airport, is also located in this region. Resembling a small coastal town, Kilyos has gained much more value in recent years with its potential to reach Istanbul airport in 15-20 minutes.

What kind of place is Emirgan?

Emirgan is one of the oldest and well-established settlements of Istanbul, in the district of Sarıyer. As it is located directly in the Bosphorus, it is an elite region preferred for settlement in every period. Villa constructions can be seen especially when you go up to the upper parts of Emirgan region. One of the most important places of this region, which is visited by people from different parts of Istanbul on the weekends for a beach trip or breakfast, is historical Çınaraltı coffee. Emirgan is one of the most beautiful regions for those who want to own a luxury villa for sale in istanbul.

What kind of place is Tarabya?

Tarabya is one of the best quality settlements of the Bosphorus. Tarabya, located 5 minutes away from the Maslak area and on the Bosphorus line, is an area within the site or consisting of detached villas. You will have the opportunity to watch the beauties of the Bosphorus from your home in Tarabya, which is a region inclined towards the coast.


What kind of place is Gokturk - Kemerburgaz?

Göktürk - Kemerburgaz is a settlement of Eyüpsultan district. With its location in the Belgrade forest and easy transportation alternatives, it is one of the regions preferred by villa lovers. You can find villas of different sizes in this region where you can connect to Maslak, Istanbul Airport, TEM highway in minutes.

What kind of place is Buyukcekmece?

Buyukcekmece is an area with an area of 196 square kilometers and a coast to the sea. It is located on the European side of Istanbul and after the Beylikduzu region. Buyukcekmece is a region preferred by the people of Istanbul for swimming in the summer months since ancient years. With its incredible development in recent years, dozens of villa projects have been produced especially in the region called Buyukcekmece Lake Valley. One of the biggest advantages of the villas in this region is that most of them have views of Marmara Sea and Buyukcekmece Lake. This region, where you can choose from single storey, duplex, triplex or forlex villas, offers you real peace.

What kind of place is Bahcesehir?

Bahcesehir is a district of Basaksehir district and connected to the TEM highway. Some areas of Bahcesehir, a mixed area with high-rise buildings and villa buildings, consist only of villas. Bahcesehir region, which has many features such as education, health, transportation, shopping, is a region preferred by those seeking villas for sale in Istanbul.

What kind of place is Beylikduzu - Yakuplu?

Beylikduzu region is mostly a place where apartments and modern housing projects are formed. However, in recent years, it is seen that luxury, modern and comfortable villa projects have been made especially towards Beylikduzu coast and Yakuplu regions. So you can find villa for sale in istanbul, Beylikduzu. Some of these luxurious projects, produced with very modern technologies, have direct Marmara Sea coast and marina.

What kind of place is Beykoz?

Beykoz district is a very pleasant district on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. Beykoz, which is the Bosphorus and the coast to the Black Sea, is one of the well-established districts of Istanbul. It is an ideal region for those who love the Anatolian Side with its villa structures both on the Bosphorus side and in the green area. Poyrazkoy, which is the connection road on the Anatolian side of Istanbul Airport, is located in this district, so people living in Beykoz can easily reach the airport. In addition, Riva, one of the most important summer regions of Istanbul, is connected to Beykoz district.

What kind of place is Kandilli?

Kandilli, located in the north of Uskudar district and on the shore of the Marmara Sea, is one of the old and well-established areas of Istanbul. It is possible to find villas with different features or views of the Bosphorus in this charming district famous for its waterside and Earthquake Research Institute.

What kind of place is Cengelkoy?

Situated on the seafront in Üsküdar district on the Anatolian side, Çengelköy is one of the historical districts of Istanbul. It is possible to find all your life needs together in Çengelköy, which stands out with its unique historical texture. There are villas for sale in Istanbul with spacious Bosphorus view as you move to the inner parts and upper parts of Çengelköy, which has seaside mansions. In Cengelkoy where has seafront mansions, also you can find villas with spacious Bosphorus view as you move to the inner parts and upper parts.

What kind of place is Dragos?

Dragos, located on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, is a magnificent region against the Prince Islands. It also has transportation alternatives such as coast road and minibus road, which are a few minutes from İstanbul City University. Built on the hills, this villa region offers comfortable and peaceful villa alternatives with views of the islands and the Marmara Sea.

Features of Villas for Sale in İstanbul Offer Amazing Lives

Istanbul is one of the busiest cities in the world with a population of approximately 16 million. Every day, millions of people go to work and school and return home wearily at the end of the day. At this point, the house we live is of great importance with its peace, comfort and amenities it offers. Someone living in the city center can live on a site or building with many apartments. Or, the social amenities offered by some site lives may be limited. Apart from building lives that offer more conservative lives, villa lives are a way of life that most people long for. 

Villas are generally created in more natural environments, not in city centers. One of the most important reasons for this is that larger lands are needed to produce the villas. And villa structure should be able to offer one or more forest, lake, sea, nature views to its people.

Luxury and comfortable villas in Istanbul vary according to the region you choose. First of all, you must determine very accurately what your needs and expectations are. So what does the villa life for sale in Istanbul offer you?

The villas can be single storey, duplex, triplex or forex. The single-storey villa projects draw attention as a shining segment in Istanbul in recent years. There are many advantages of single-storey villa life to the people.

Since there is no staircase in the life of a single-storey villa, the upper floor - lower floor transportation difficulties are not experienced for the elderly or disabled in the house. Apart from that, the risk of stairs is eliminated for infants or young children at home. In single-storey villa life, all areas of the house (living room, kitchen, rooms etc.) can dominate the garden life. There are no lost areas such as stairwell, every square meter of the house is used with maximum efficiency.

Duplex, triplex and fourlex villas are the types of houses that more crowded families can prefer. Since these types of living spaces and resting areas are usually placed on separate floors, they offer peaceful spaces. For example, while some members of the family are watching television, another person who wants to sleep is not disturbed by this sound.

If garden life is indispensable for you, villas offer you real garden life in this regard. Although it depends on the house you choose, it does not matter whether it is big or small square meters. The important thing is to touch the green outside your home while you live in Istanbul, to be able to sit in the garden, grow flowers, or there are areas where your children can play safely.

Living in a detached villa gives you complete freedom. You will have a separated and independent living space from your neighbors. But if you like neighborly relationships, twin villa life may be suitable for you.

Are you looking for a villa for sale in istanbul? MELARES Turkey Properties offers you the right options with its domination on Istanbul and the various villa alternatives.