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Universities in Istanbul:
Top Universities Ranking in 2023

Universities in Istanbul are numerous and the population of Istanbul also varies in terms of the number of students. The most crowded city of Turkey is known as the most vibrant city, as well as a city of universities that offers opportunities in every sense. Istanbul is also a city of education. Istanbul hosts a total of 61 universities, including 13 state universities, 44 private universities and 4 foundation Vocational Schools, which incorporates 30% of universities in Turkey.


Universities in Istanbul and the achievements of these universities in both the national and international arena reveal their quality. In addition to being a city that connects the sides of two continents, Istanbul is also a great city of civilization and universities.




Universities in Istanbul and Other Educational Institutions


To meet the educational needs and demand of the population of more than 15.46 million in the city, the number of universities in Istanbul raised rapidly and 9 universities were established by the state. Moreover, the establishment of private universities has gained momentum especially after 2006. Today, there are 61 universities in Istanbul of which 13 of them are State and 44 are Private.

Universities in Istanbul stand ahead of others in some areas. For example, while a university is at the forefront in the field of technical education, another university can be perfect of the others in social sciences and another in health sciences. For this reason, it will be useful to analyze the opportunities offered by the university before making a university choice.



The top 10 Turkish universities in 2021 according to QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings are


Middle East Technical University (METU)

Bogazici University

Bilkent University

Hacettepe University

Koc University

Sabanci University

Middle East Technical University

Istanbul Technical University 

Istanbul University

Ankara University

Gazi University

Top Universities in Istanbul 2021 are Bogazici University, Koc University, Sabanci University, Istanbul Technical University and Istanbul University – all of which are ranked within the top 30 universities in Turkey. 



Universities in Istanbul | Private and State Universities


Universities in Istanbul also offer variety for candidates with the opportunities they have and the education they offer. Moreover to universities that are best in the field of technical education, universities that are perfect in social sciences or pioneers in health sciences are also situated in Istanbul.

Besides, while there are military universities in Istanbul; Air and naval military universities are also among the universities that draw attention and the students have shown lots of interest in. University candidates are suggested to analyze not only the base scores of the universities but also the chances and facilities offered by the university before making a choice.

Among the universities in Istanbul, there are a total of 61 universities, of which 13 are state universities, 44 are private universities and 4 are foundation Vocational School


13 State Universities in Istanbul


  1. Istanbul University
  2. Marmara University
  3. Bogazici University
  4. Istanbul Technical University
  5. Yildiz Technical University
  6. Mimar Sinan University
  7. Turkish-German University
  8. Galatasaray University
  9. Istanbul Civilization University
  10. University of Health Sciences
  11. National Defense University
  12. Istanbul University Cerrahpasa
  13. Turkey Japanese Science and Technology University




Private Universities in Istanbul


  1. Uskudar University
  2. Bahcesehir University
  3. Yeditepe University
  4. Beykent University
  5. Istanbul Bilgi University
  6. Istanbul Aydin University
  7. Koc University
  8. Istanbul Gelisim University
  9. Istanbul Okan University
  10. Istanbul Culture University
  11. Sabanci University
  12. Ozyegin University
  13. Maltepe University
  14. Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University
  15. Kadir Has University
  16. Halic University
  17. Dogus University
  18. Altinbas University
  19. Istanbul City University
  20. Acibadem University
  21. Piri Reis University
  22. Istanbul Science University
  23. MEF University
  24. Bezmialem Vakif University
  25. Istanbul Ayvansaray University
  26. Istanbul Kent University
  27. Beykoz University | universities in Istanbul
  28. Istanbul 29 May University
  29. Fenerbahce University
  30. Biruni University
  31. Gedik University
  32. Isik University
  33. Istanbul Arel University
  34. Istanbul Esenyurt University
  35. Istanbul Kemerburgaz University
  36. Istanbul Rumeli University
  37. Nisantasi University
  38. New Century University
  39. Istanbul Medipol University
  40. Lokman Hekim University
  41. Istanbul Atlas University
  42. Samarkand University of Science and Civilization (In Establishment)
  43. Ibn-i Haldun University
  44. Istanbul Science University




Foundation Vocational Schools | Universities in Istanbul


  1. European Vocational School
  2. Istanbul Concept Vocational School
  3. Atasehir Adiguzel Vocational School
  4. Istanbul Sisli Vocational School