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Under Construction Buildings
or Ready to Delivery Houses in Turkey

Which One Should be Preferred to Buy Cheap Houses for Sale in Istanbul Turkey?


Under Construction Building in Istanbul Turkey


Under-construction building-  Purchasing a house is both an exciting and hard process. When you are buying a house you should be aware of every detail about the purchase process.

When purchasing a house, you should consider the design of the house you want to live in, the number of rooms and the neighborhoods.



When you are aiming to buy affordable real estate in Istanbul Turkey, keep in mind that it is would be a profitable option to buy it in housing projects which are under construction or new constructions.

There are some benefits to purchasing an under-construction building. Under-construction buildings are not only affordable, but you can also design and change your house's interior designs as you wish.

Also, it may be cheaper than purchasing an already built house. You can earn a lot of money just by the ending of the construction. The under constructions provide a greater return on investments for real estate investors. If you buy a house from a housing project on which its construction is at the first stage by the completion of houses it will generally bring about 50 percent higher income.

Another good point about purchasing a house under construction is that you don't have to worry about repairs in the coming next years because you have designed or seen how your house was built.


Ready to Delivery Houses in Istanbul Turkey


The good thing about purchasing houses from a housing project, which is ready for delivery is that it is given immediately and you can move or give it for rental so fast. This can be a great advantage if you need a house immediately or if you want to earn from the time you buy your house.

Additionally, you get what you see. The architectural design in a ready house may not appeal to your taste or as you preferred, but it's not such a big problem to deal with. If you like to design your house as you dreamed you can also with architectural companies at reasonable prices.



Both under-construction buildings and houses ready to deliver options have their advantages and disadvantages, think smartly about your selection with full details and see if your choice is worth it before purchasing the house.

Consider how shortcomings can affect your daily life. So always remember to know your house builder. The taxes on houses that are under construction are lower than those houses ready for delivery.

Surely, if you purchase a house that is under construction, you can deduct all the various non-essential fees you may have to pay if you buy a house ready to deliver.

The recipient should thoroughly review all documents before signing up. And ask about the terms and conditions before accepting a contract.


As a result, what should you prefer?


This depends on your financial situation. If you think you can save more with a house ready to deliver rather than under construction building, this should be your choice. Just be careful about what you choose. Regardless of the choice you make, remember that this will be useful to you.

Actually purchasing a house from a foreign country is a hard process to deal with in order to have a reliable investment it would be good to work with an experienced real estate company. MELARES Turkey Properties will give you the best guidelines to purchase the best housing unit ideal for your lifestyle and affordable homes for sale in Istanbul Turkey.