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One thing every foreigner wishes is that more people learn and took from the people of Turkey is their aspiration and enthusiasm to create close relationships. It is not difficult to make Turkish friendship. If you are a proactive person and care about your environment and have a share with local people you can build quality relationships in Turkey.

One of the best things about Turkish friendship is that business owners and employees who work alongside or opposite each other share a meal or help each other in some communities, even in a big city like Istanbul.

Maybe it’s a bit more but it’s very charming when you visit people for the first time sometimes and they become friendly to you quickly and start to share their about their life stories, their true feelings and share their family members and their photos.

To build the road to lasting friendship there are some tips to win friends and influence Turkish people while living in Turkey.

Give them a hug. Outside the meeting room, it is considered quite as friendly to have a handshake greetings in Turkey. Hug your Turkish friend, or hug half if you are not very close to a person or you don't know them well. Take your friend's hand and pull their backs to caress with your other hand. You can also tap the side of your head lightly to their head.

Have a cup of tea with Turkish people. People in Turkey ask whether you want a cup of tea for checking that if you just want a drink. A small cup of tea is like a short social introduction and interaction that is reciprocally enjoyable for everyone. Sit together in a cafe, is a way to make your friendship grow and reconcile. The fact that there is a great deal about the tea or Turkish coffee in the Turks inside Turkey, they say a cup of coffee has 40 years of sake.

Stay until the end of the day or midnight. Make your new friend feel that he or she has done a great job to make you feel at home by not leaving their house early. People in Turkey love hospitality and spending long valuable time with guests and most importantly being together up to the late night. If you leave their house at an early hour, your Turkish friend will wonder if you do not feel relax at their home, so eat and be with them until midnight.

In order to strengthen your Turkish Friendship take soup when they are sick. This is quite a nice aspect of sharing food with those who are less fortunate or sick, Turkish people love to take care of each other in daily life. If your new Turkish friend is ill, buy food to show them you are taking care of them. The additional bonus is likely to be received a full plate of Turkish dishes later on.

Buy a gift to your Turkish friend no matter it is big or small. On the way to your new friend's location, choose a gift on the road. You can take some flowers and chocolates but just ask about it from the florist because some flowers have some special meanings in Turkish culture. You can also take famous baklava which is very welcome by everyone and very delicious or buy some souvenirs related to your own country.

Be curious about Turkish culture. Turkish people will have the honor and be proud of their legacy if a foreigner wants to know about it and she or he will be happy to answer your questions. If you start from zero and don't know anything about Turkish culture, don't worry. You can use your thirst as an excuse to have your Turkish friend show you some local landmarks so you can learn more about the great country you live in.

Learn Turkish words. Your Turkish friends will not have the expectation of you to be fluent in Turkish. However, they will thank you for trying to learn the Turkish language which is a sign that shows respect for their culture, Turkish people and interested in being a piece of where you live. Ask your Turkish friend to help you learn Turkish, they will likely be very pleased to correct your grammar and teach you all the great Turkish phrases you will need.

In addition, to have a great Turkish friendship try to learn the names. It is very important to learn the name of a person who may become your friends anywhere in the world. Turkish names may be a bit hard to learn and pronounce for newcomers, so you can forget your Turkish friend's name as soon as you hear it. You can repeat the name your friend, find something you will not forget or write it as a note on your phone, and ask your Turkish friend how to spell their names. Turkish names mostly have a literal meaning so you can also learn about the meaning of your friend's name.


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The Turkish Friendship and Hospitality


The Turkish people have always hosted their guests in the best feasible way. They offer the most beautiful room in their house for guests. Prepares the most delicious foods. Even the smallest needs of them will be considered and keep everything on hand. One of the best points in Turkish friendship is they never separate you from their own family or even does it better for you. You can be at the home of everyone all over the world, but being the most hospitable is unique to the Turkish nation.

There are some special things that you will feel very special in Turkish friendship and that shows how hospitable they are. Such as;

  • Welcoming the Guest with a Smiling Face

Shortly before guests arrive, the level of hustle and bustle in the home reaches the peak level. There will be a sweet excitement in the face of every member of the household and there will be a smile like breathing open roses on their faces.

  • Offering Guest Slippers

Offering guest slippers is one of the sine qua non of traditional Turkish hospitality. It is accessible in the shoe cabinet of every home and in the dowry of every Turkish girl. They are described by their grace rather than their comfort, and they are famous for having various type.

  • The Guest Room is Designed Just Like a Museum

In the past, the guest room was the room that used to be in almost every home and where the home owner can go into only when the guests came. It is a special room where mothers decorate it like a museum and it was restricted to children to touch anything inside it, like a museum.

  • The Seniors' Hand should be kissable in the Turkish Friendship and Hospitality

Hand kissing, which is a symptom of respect and love, is a traditional culture of the Turkish friendship and hospitality that the young members of the family kiss the hands of mother, dad and other elders and seniors hands.

  • Perfect Offerings and Treats

A hospitable Turkish people always ask his guests what they want to drink. If he or she is going to serve tea or coffee, they offer cakes and pies beside it. If they are going to serve coffee, the first question is "How would you like to get your coffee?”. He never accepts objection to the catering. 

  • The Concern of Making the Guests to Feel Comfortable in Their House

Being someone's guest and being in someone else's home may not make you feel as comfortable as your own home, so a hospitable Turkish person does his best to make his guest feel comfortable and relax. They bloat up the guest's pillow, lengthens the candies, and if it is away from the coffee table, they place a small table to make it near for guests.

  • Turning Every Meal into a Banquet – Turkish Friendship

A hospitable Turkish person, no matter what meal of the day, goes after the perfection of the meal and prepare everything without making any deficient. They will take the most special dinner sets from his dowry and showcase. The pastries are opened, stuffed, wrapped, and famous baklavas are baked.

  • Embroidered Guest Towels

Like guest slippers, special towels guests are accessible in the dowry of every Turkish girl who is going to marry. Like the Turkish mothers who make the most cotton, the most adorn and the most beautiful towels, it takes its place in the dowry as a trace that they will be hospitable. In addition to the guest towels, hospitality maintains from one generation to the other generations.

  • The Guests are Bid Farewell up to the Door

Guests whether elders or small children, whether they come for boarding or 'come to drink a coffee', guests are bid farewell to the door at the end of the day. Greetings to the elder guests and love to the small and young ones is an important part of the Turkish friendship and culture. There is no flaw in respect.

  • Water is Poured from the Back of the Guest

If the guest came from far away, Turkish people have the culture to pour the water behind the guests means that "You came like water, go like water." And then they say bye by shaking their hands and the love floods pass from the present generation to coming generations with these cultures and Turkish friendship habits.


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