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Turkish Wedding:
Tradition and Culture

Turkish Wedding Traditions are a big issue, lots of invitations are distributed to family and friends. Whether they can afford it or on boundless cost, Turkish people like to celebrate pleasant times and invite their relatives, or friends they have recently met, even foreigners visiting their city.

If you have not joined a Turkish wedding until now, adopt any invitation that any of your Turkish friends may send to you because it is the best way to learn about Turkish wedding traditions. Time is changing and more and more Turkish people prefer a modern wedding, while some time-bound practices still dare to test the time.

Although Turkish wedding traditions and customs have not preserved its all popularity in recent times, it can be desired by some well-maintained families in some cities and regions. In the past, weddings would happen for 3 days and 3 nights. Now, most of the customs and traditions are comply with a few hours of wedding ceremonies. There are Turkish wedding traditions and customs distinctive to each region.

The traditions of Adana wedding and Kirklareli wedding customs are different from each other. Horon for Trabzon weddings and Balkan dance for Edirne entertainments. The customs at Aydin weddings and Mus region wedding customs are completely various.

Attractive and interesting pieces make weddings even more enjoyable. If you want to have a wedding according to Turkish traditions and customs, you may sometimes have a bit difficulty; but you can have a lot of fun and a kind of alteration.

Marriage in Turkey

The Turkish marriage traditions, which has existed since the ancient period, is an organization with major importance on human life and the community. As a term, marriage is an uninterrupted combination of a man and a woman as husband and wife in all kinds of living conditions. It is the basis of the family, which is the foundation stone of society and worldwide significance. The law of marriage has specific rules and patterns that have impact the world, which is figurate by various cultures and requires traditions and customs that define a certain society.

Marriage Age in Turkey

The legal is eighteen years old and in general, the marriage age in Turkey is about twenty-two for men and twenty for women. It may differ between five to six years. Nowadays, the young population goes to college, which lengths their marriage-age up to they graduate usually. Bigger siblings are expected to marry before smaller siblings, particularly if they are of the same age.

Although marriage age differs according to the regions where traditions are noticed, marriage repression maintains at a younger age. In common marriage procedures, the first stage or step for marriage is expected from the groom and his family, and the family of the aspiring girl remains a bit calm.


What are the Turkish Wedding Traditions?


In ancient times, marriage among close relatives was common. In recent times, the rate of relative marriages has declined because of the impact of urbanization.

The Turkish wedding traditions meets diversifications across Turkey in accordance with regional traditions and the cultivation of the bridal couple. Brides and grooms in remote village regions can spend up to 3 days to get ready and celebrate their wedding.

A small size town or village means there is a group of people celebrating that usually happen in the village square. Indigenous women cook for guests, and a group of local people plays traditional musical instruments for everyone to dance and enjoy together at night.

Apart from, couples from big towns or cities that usually have their wedding a large and modern wedding hall. The legal ceremony for such big Turkish weddings takes place only one night as the reception. Food and drinks are served and after some official traditions and customs, cutting the cake and achieving gifts, the entertainment starts and they play music. The couple goes for the honeymoon the next day of the wedding.


Religious Turkish Weddings Traditions


Turkish weddings are happening in two ways, a religious celebration and civil. The religious type of wedding does not require an oath or documents. An imam comes to the home, and just two witnesses need to be available. On the other hand, it is not legally binder. That is why some couples prefer both types of weddings and believe in the religious ceremony as the provision of an engagement. Current modern couples usually just prefer the legal binder civil type of weddings.

Henna Night Turkish Weddings Traditions

Henna night is one of the most important entertainment night before the wedding day. Turkish brides give high importance to Henna night and it is very popular among Turkish people. Henna night is a traditional version and maybe it can be said as the bachelorette party. This wonderful part is held in the home of the bride's family consisting of women and girls of all ages close to the couple's family. In this ceremony, the bride's hands are designed with henna. Female relatives of the groom also join this ceremony and are hosted at the bride's house.

Henna night is a good opportunity for the bride, young girls and women looking for their future life partner as well as to dress magnificent, beautiful embroidered cloths called bindalli. The bride's face will be hidden with a sequined red veil. The henna needed for great henna night will be brought to the bride's house by the family and relatives of the groom on a silver tray with the two burning candles on the top on Henna.

As all the invited guests came, the groom's mother will lay a carpet of silk fabric and a coin of gold that she brought by herself as a gift to the bride's hand. While the bride and her close friends carrying the burning candles towards the guests, gold coins will be gifted to the bride as a sign of fertility by the guests. The bride will walk along the silk fabric carpet towards the mother of groom's mother, she held the woman's hand and kisses her respectfully. After all these ceremony the bride and all guest will continue to the entertainment and dancing.


The Maidenhood Arch for a Turkish Bride


Brides in Turkey have a magnificent and beautiful look at their great white wedding gown. Some of them prefer to cover their hairs, while some of the brides spend the hours of the day in the coiffeur to get the most beautiful and perfect hair model to draw the attention of their groom twice. Another similarity between most brides, besides the white wedding gowns, is the maiden belt.

The red arch tied around the bride's loins is a symbol of virginity. In the old times, the absence of a maiden belt would cause that people gossip, however, in the present time towns and cities, It is up to the bride whether she prefers to wear it or not.


The Tradition of Writing Single Girls’ name in the Sole of a Bride’s Shoes


One of the funniest and joyful Turkish wedding traditions is writing single girls' names on the shoes of the bride which has a similar intent as throwing the bouquet of flowers in the hands of the bride. The bride's close friends and close relatives write their names on the sole of the bride's shoes. Whose name is removed at the end of the night first, she will get married first after that bride. It usually happened for everyone if it doesn't use a lasting marker.

How to Wear in the Turkish Weddings?

The far Turkish town weddings have a comfortable dressing types, or else always choose smart clothes. While men prefer to wear a suit, there are a wide range of options for women about what to wear. Stay away from the cloths that are cut or split over the knee in the Turkish village weddings. If the family is conservative, cover your shoulders too. Do not make an outfit with the huge, fancy hats because the Turks don't wear them.


One of the Turkish Wedding Traditions is to Take Gift to Bride and Groom


When you are invited to a wedding in Turkey you should take a gift with yourself if you are close relatives or close friends. You can gift anything you can afford or wish to gift it. Nowadays the friends and relatives of the bridal couple ask them whether they have any deficiency and you can buy gifts such as a toaster, kettle, or gift. After the official ceremony ends, the couple says yes to each other and sign the marriage certificate, red strips are placed on the necks of the bridal couple.

Guests affix gold or jewelry or place the money by pin to the red ribbons. It is one of the practical and best Turkish wedding traditions that bring the couple together and support them for their new life and ends the problem of loans and to buy the deficient goods.

The Car Convoy

The bridal couple's adorned car joins the guests' convoy to beep the horns. On the road to the bride's house, the kids block the car's path and their purpose is to get money from the groom and the other cars behind the bridal couple's car. After the couple surrenders money to children cutting their way, they continue their way to the bride's house and live happily ever after.

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