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All About Turkish Music:
Traditional & Modern

 Turkish music is a great example of cultural influences. Turkey is a great country with various types of songs and generally has a rich musical tradition in all parts of the country. From Turkish folklore to classical and pop song to military and mystical sounds there is every type of melody.

Turkey is consists of wonderful musical tradition Eastern, Western, Mediterranean, Middle East and is located in the heart of Islamic culture. The cultural diversity of Anatolia is so wealthy that you can see a wide range of cultural differences even in geographically proximate areas.

It is a country full of nature and beauty. It impresses everyone with the beautiful nature, culture, ancient monuments and historical places of different times. Besides all the popularity of Turkey real estate is increasing day by day especially luxury villas in Turkey are observing an important development in the real estate market. As well as villas, detached houses for sale in Turkey also seen high demand by foreigners. For more details click the links.


Traditional Turkish Music 


Turkish Music has grown and improved with historical and social change during the period from Central Asia to Anatolia. As in other Turkish communities, percussion instruments were used in religious and traditional ceremonies and song gained a significant extent.

Cultural substructure of Turkey, under the impact of geographical and historical features are very rich and formed by blending of various cultures. It is embellished with colors such as East, West, Middle East, Mediterranean and Islamic culture and has been affected by these great cultures.

Anatolia hosts in different cultures for many years, history has created an infrastructure in the formation of musical culture in Turkey. The changes happened in the Seljuks and the Ottomans period with the acceptance of Islam had a significant impact on the melody culture of Anatolia and the Near East. That is why, the Ottoman Empire was one of the major cultural centers of the world until the mid-17th century.

The technological and social improvements in the 20th century, has affected musical genres and favors in Turkey. On the other hand, the social life of religious, political, cultural and social changes also notably influenced the Turkish music culture, types of songs, form and structure has led to the rise of forms.


Turkish Music Types Living a Rich Cultural and Historical Development


Turkish Folk Melody


Folk Turkish music started from the Central Asian steppe, developing in areas where Anatolian culture is effective. It is a synthesis of the musical cultures of the local people living in this geography. Turks living free life interacted with the cultures of the places where they lived and showed change and improvements in this process. Anatolian songs in Turkey is integrated with Lydian, Phrygian, Hittite, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman arts and has come to the present time.


Art Turkish Music 

Specific varieties in Turkish society after the acceptance of Islam brought many social and cultural innovations. Turks who provided sovereignty in Anatolia; religiously and socially, they were heavily affected by other cultures as well. New trends come out in line with the works of El Kindî, İbn-i Sina, and Farabi, and the present traditional Turkish melody has formed the basics of Turkish art music.


Military Music

Military song groups in Turkey have been with the Turkish army all along with the history and it has been one of the values that the Turks attached significance to. Military music ensembles have been established in the Asian and Islamic states from the Huns to the present time, including drums, bells, pipes and nephras. These groups were famous as tabilhane and then mehterhane in the period of Seljuks and Ottomans.


Popular Turkish Music


Popular songs, composed of national and local values, take its place as a significant part of today's melody culture. Nowadays, when consumption habits are changing and growing rapidly, the reflection of these replacements on cultural products has also indicated its effect in the market of song. Turkish pop music, which is affected by Western melody, continues to improve by emphasizing its national values.


Classic Music


The great work of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in the field of tune with the foundation of the Republic has been one of the most significant steps in the improvement of Western songs. The Presidential Symphony Orchestra, known as Mizikayihumayun, Maqam Caliphate, Riyaseticumhur Orchestra, hosted many local and foreign musicians and conductors. The orchestra presents the ground for the introduction of Turkish music in the world with the works he took in his repertoire in local and international concerts.



Religious Turkish Music 

The religious life that brought religious subjects and Islamic Sufism forward and come out in this direction composed the songs performed during worship and dhikr, which took place in mosques, lodges and different religious meetings and this was famous and known as religious Turkish music. Religious song is investigated in two parts as mosque and lodge melody. This subject is explained in detail in the section of music culture in the military, religious and non-religious fields.

In all periods of history, culture and melody have played an essential role in ensuring the existence and continuity of societies. In spite of the fact that culture has been ongoing from past to present, it has passed change and transformation over time and continued its existence towards the growth of the world. It is not feasible for societies that cannot preserve their culture to maintain their continuity. That is why, protecting the cultural structure, keeping it alive and transferring it to the coming generations should be among the basic and main goals of the societies.

Folk culture has an essential role in the transfer of cultural factors from past to present. It creates the source of folk culture in line with the knowledge, skills and experiences of the community. Factors that make up the folk culture are traditions, observances, beliefs, holidays, ceremonies, celebrations, folk music, folk dances, folk sports, children's games, traditional crafts, theater, traditional clothing-decoration, folk architecture, traditional flavors and folk literature.

People who reverberate Turkish folk culture, history, geographical position and socioeconomic structure in the great and most stunning way and carry it from past to present; they are minstrels and lovers.


Turkish Music Festivals


There are a wide range of important music festivals in Turkey consisting of the Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival, Istanbul Music and Jazz Festivals which is organized in June and July months. On the other hand popular songs sector in Turkey, was supported by uninterrupted music videos playing on MTV style channels.


  • Jazz Festival / İKSV Turkish Music Festival

Jazz Festival took place among the best festivals in Turkey which is organized by the Istanbul Culture and Art Foundation in July every year since 1994. The festival is organized in different concerts and event streets in Istanbul. It is not only limited to jazz song, but to different entertainments where electronic melody and jazz are mixed. It has a wide range that consists of different types such as pop, blues, rock, reggae and funk.

Istanbul music festival was held for the first time in 1973 under the name of Istanbul Festival. In 1994, the name of the festival was transformed into an Istanbul music festival. The most perfect festivals among the Turkish music festival in Turkey are Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks for 43 years, the Berlin Philharmonic, Vienna Philharmonic, Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra, Filarmonica Della Scala, has hosted prestigious orchestras and ensembles such as the Kirov Opera and Ballet. Besides that, the Festival has been a member of the European Festivals Association since 1977.


  • Thrace fest 2020

One of the magnificent festivals in Turkey is Thrace Music Festival. The festival is also famous as the Erikli festival, welcoming thousands of local and foreign people every year. This wonderful festival is mostly preferred by young people. It brings the sea, sand, sun and popular artists together under one roof. Since the Thrace festival has an area that can be camped, the pleasure of the festival is doubled. The Thrace festival took place in Erikli beach in August 2019.


  • Cappadox Festival

Cappadox Festival in 2020 is not only taking place among the best festivals in Turkey, is written also in Turkey festivals for the 2020 list of must-go event. The Cappadox festival is also the first destination festival. Gastronomy, music, art and outdoor activities are organized together for you within the festival. Cappadox is going be happen between June 14 and June 17 for 2020. You can also plan for places to visit in Nevsehir, such as Kaymakli Underground City, Kizilcukur Valley and so on.

You can find a lot of places and special festival for enjoying the tune in Turkey. Nowadays, there are live concerts almost in some streets, restaurants, cafes, bars and some of the municipal parks. Be sure that when you come to Turkey you will not be just amazed of its natural and historical places but also its rich culture, traditions, Turkish music, hospitable people and all other beauties that would not be finished by counting.


Turkish Musical Instruments


There are a wide number of Turkish musical instruments in our country such as;

  • Saz, Baglama, Ud and Tar are the most famous types for stringed instruments.
  • Kabak Kemane, Kemence, Kanun and Santur are the greate toptions for bow instruments.
  • Ney, Klarnet, Zurna, Kaval, Cigirtma, Tulum, Sipsi and Cifte are known for wind instruments.
  • And finally, Davul, Nagara, Tef, Kasik, Kudum, Nevbe, Zil are the best types of Percussion.


Turkish music is mainly influenced by Arabic, Persian, Balkan and Central Asian folk music elements like the Ottoman Turks. With its origins dating back to the 1930s, with westernization taking over the world, the trend in Turkish music is developing. There are various types of music played in cities and towns as a way to have fun and enjoy the live local music and support their own music.