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Turkish Ice Cream:
Famous Flavor

Turkish Ice Cream is a dessert you never give up eating. Who does not love ice cream? Everyone does. But Turkish ice cream even better than all. It does make from Salep. It means that it has the orchid's flowery flavor.


All About the Turkish Ice Cream


Turkish Ice Cream form is really creamy, chewy, and intense. With these features, it is separate from the other ice creams. If you like you can eat it with a knife and fork. Traditional Ice Cream vendors are also different than everywhere else. They are mostly male and wear traditional fez and waistcoats like they are from Ottoman Empire. They serve the Ice Cream in a very tricky way. Actually, we cannot call it to serve. It is almost a show that seems like magic tricks.



Turkish Ice Cream became famous in Kahramanmaraş. And the best ones always there and that is why in other cities lots of Kahramanmaraş Ice Cream Shop opened. But they are not like the traditional ones.
Kahramanmaraş ice cream is the dessert that Osman Aga from Maras discovered accidentally while making the orchid while salep. The dessert started as "karsambaç with salep" and became known as "Maras ice cream" after three generations. One of the most important features of Kahramanmaraş ice cream is that it is made from goat milk.


When you think that you have the ice cream vendor tricks you with his shows. He makes you think like the ice cream is almost fell to the floor while he is serving. But no! it is another trick and when you decided to give up. He will make you win this game and give the ice cream to you. You can find it funny or annoying but definitely, you will feel the joy.



If you want to eat good Turkish Ice Cream in Istanbul, here are the famous ice cream shops.


Dondurmacı Ali Usta (Turkish Ice Cream Vendor Ali Usta)




His Turkish Ice Cream shop is located in Kadikoy. I do not want to exaggerate but there is no chance to find the shop empty even in winter. It is full of people all the time. But I can understand them because Ali Usta has 30 different ice cream flavors and all of them are really tasty. It is a really lovely experience to have the ice cream from Ali Usta and go for a walk to the seaside in Kadikoy. You can walk from Moda to Kadikoy dork and enjoy your ice cream.







Mado is the best chain Turkish Ice Cream shop which you can find it everywhere around Istanbul. The name comes from the beginning of the Maras Dondurmacisi. It is not a certain taste like the traditional one but their flavor is also tasty. They are also serving the Turkish ice cream with fork and knife. It calls ''Kesme Dondurma''. You can have a nice Turkish Breakfast in this shop.



Dondurmacı Yaşar Usta (Ice Cream Vendor Yaşar Usta)



Dondurmacı Yasar Usta opened 1962 as a small and with the highest possibility, Dondurmaci Yasar Usta has the widest range of ice Cream, but it is one of the businesses that can be said to appeal to the taste of its customers with 70 kinds of ice cream. Yasar Usta works between 10:00 in the morning and 24:00 at night.



Ice Cream Vendors in Taksim




This is the Turkish Ice Cream that you can find the traditional vendor, ice cream, tricks, and everything. They sell the ice cream near Istiklal Street without a shop. The ice cream has a great traditional taste and there is just one type of flavor but the best. If you go the Istiklal Street you can find a lot of Turkish traditional taste for sure. Also, you can find the same vendors in a tourist place like around the Bosporus, Ortakoy. But leaving from the Istiklal street without trying the Turkish Ice Cream will be a big loss.

If you come to Turkey you have lots of things to do. But eating ice Cream and enjoying with the Ice Cream vendors trick certainly one of the things you should do.