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Turkish Delight: History &
Where to buy it | Premium Brands

Turkish Delight History: Best Type of Flavors from the 15th Century to Today's Cuisine

Turkish delight, which was an important part of the palace cuisine in the Ottoman period, has hundreds of years of history.

Turkish delight originated from the word "Ottoman ul-hulkum" that alleviates the throat, has been famous in Anatolia since the 15th century, but it became more common within the borders of the Ottoman Empire, mainly in the 17th century. In Europe, it became famous in the 18th century by the name of 'Turkish Delight' through a British tourist.



The Turkish delight, which was already prepared with honey or grape molasses and flour, has replaced the production and flavor of the 17th century, thanks to the refined sugar known as " Kelle sugar" and mainly the starch.

Delight has an important value in Turkish cuisine. It is the most precious gift to be given, a delicious flavor beside coffee, a nostalgia from childhood, and favorable flavors of religious holidays.

In the 18th century, tourists and visitors brought delight to Europe and presented it as "Turkish Delight". This flavor delight has gain value and popularity around the world as well. Mass production of delight in  Turkey began in 1777 during the Ottoman Empire.



How Turkish Delight is made?




Turkish delight is made with water, sugar, starch acid or tartaric acid, or potassium bitartrate. It is one of the most popular traditional Turkish candies or sweets made according to a special technique with the adding of seasoning substances, dried fruits and similar integrands to it.

First of all, sugar is boiled in water until it melts completely. Citric acid and starch are kept in separate containers to melt. Then citric acid and starch are mixed with sugar water. These mixtures boiled for a while in this way.

When the mixture is tested with a spoon if it has a gluey consistency, it is left in starch containers for about 20 hours. In the last stage, it is shaped and packaged on a hard surface.



Types of Turkish Delight




There are numerous types of delight according to flavor, methods of production and place of production. The tastiest delights are bird delight, hazelnut delight, and walnut delight, double roasted delight, pistachio delight, coconut delight, cream delight.

Fruit mini delight, lemon delight, mint delight, pomegranate delight, pistachio delight with croquant, pistachio delight, saffron-pomegranate-pistachio delight, atom delight. Also, rose-leaf pomegranate delight with pistachio, chocolate delight is the best type of Turkish delights.


Nutritional values of Delight


Even though the nutritional values differ according to the material used, there are average values. 100 grams of delight is consists of 89.28 grams of carbohydrate, 0.12 grams of protein, 0.19 grams of fat, 0 gram of fiber, 0-milligram cholesterol, 19 milligrams potassium, 5 milligrams calcium, 0.1-milligram iron.



Benefits of Turkish Delight


Delight has lots of known benefits. Here are the benefits of Turkish delight:
It helps to reduce palatine tonsillitis. It is useful for kidney diseases with its carbohydrate content. This tasty delight is great medicine for boils and wounds.



The Best Way to Serve the Turkish Delight


Dishes and desserts made in Turkish cuisine have numerous ways of serving. The situation is the same as the delight. Delight is served in a handkerchief with Turkish coffee. It is served with Turkish coffee in the engagement as well.



Where to Buy Turkish Delight? | Premium Brands


Most of the people may have tried Turkish delight before, but most may haven't tried the best delights from popular places. Even if the exact characteristics of delight’s origins are not well known, it is believed that it made first in Istanbul.


So, do not go without tasting the flavor of delight from Istanbul. Istanbul has the most flavor delights, right? But where do you find it? There is a lot of confusion about which store or brand stands above the rest. Also, some premium brands have online sales as well.




The Premium and best brands for Turkish delights are:

•    The most Ancient and Golden Flavor Turkish delight, Haci BekirThe largest delight seller, Koska
•    Winning the supreme title of "the best delight brand in Istanbul", Hafız Mustafa
•    Turkish delight as other well-established brands, to try desserts, Spice Bazaar
•    Grand Bazaar, one of the world's largest and oldest Bazaar have the best delights