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Turkish Citizenship
by Investment

Turkish Citizenship by Investment


It is the dream of many citizens of countries all over the world to visit and experience the beauties of Turkey. Many people dream of obtaining Turkish citizenship. It is not an empty request that many people want to be Turkish citizens. The Republic of Turkey, where provides dozens of social, cultural and economic opportunity to its citizens, is making them experienced by the people of the privileges of being a Turkish citizen.

According to the law, it is possible to obtain Turkish citizenship by birth, marriage, paternity and in many other ways. Apart from all these, it is also possible to obtain Turkish citizenship by investment under the Exceptional Cases specified in the Law.

What are the factors that make Turkey so important?

First of all, Turkey, since the ancient times has managed to collect over the interest of all countries in the world with its beauties, wealth and strategic location.

It has the duty of a transition road and bridge between Asian countries and European countries from east to west.

In addition, it is the connection point between the Middle East countries with western countries is Turkey. Many countries' oil and gas pipelines pass from Turkey, which is the heart of the world's energy.

Because of most of the oil production and oil reserves found in the vast majority are in Middle Eastern countries, Turkey's importance in the distribution of energy elements to different countries are emerging once again.

The most important energy lines running through Turkey can be listed as follows;

* Iraq-Turkey Crude Oil Pipeline,

* Russia-Turkey Natural Gas Pipeline West Line,

* Iran-Turkey Eastern Anatolia Natural Gas Main Transmission Line,

* Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Main Export Crude Oil Pipeline,

* Russia-Turkey Blue Stream Natural Gas Pipeline,

* Baku-Tbilisi-Erzurum Natural Gas Pipeline,

* TANAP - Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline Project,

* Russia-Turkey-Europe Turkey Current Project.


With all these, it has been surrounded by 3 big seas and 1 inland sea. That is why Turkey plays an important role in many countries' maritime crossing point. The Black Sea, located in the north of the country, is connected to the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea thanks to the Marmara Sea. For the countries such as Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia around the Black Sea, Marmara Sea is the most important connection point in reaching the Aegean and the Mediterranean.

When Turkey is the world's 17th largest economy and social and cultural characteristics have to be taken into consideration, it becomes very important to be Turkish citizens.

Allowing dual citizenship in the Republic of Turkey is an attractive element for foreigners.

Dual citizenship is the ability to obtain citizenship of a different country while having the citizenship of one's own country.

How To Get Turkish Citizenship by Investment, What Are The Conditions?

There are more than one way of getting Turkish citizenship by investment.

We can briefly define them as follows.

* To make Fixed Capital Investment,

* Making Deposit Investment,

* To purchase government debt securities,

* Purchasing of Real Estate Investment Fund or Venture Capital Investment Fund Participation Shares,

* Providing employment,

* Investing in real estate.

In recent years, the Turkish government has provided some convenience in applications to accelerate the Turkish economy and facilitate the processes of foreigners who want to become Turkish citizens.

Firstly, the investment costs and the number of jobs required for foreigners to make the investments mentioned above were very high. With the amendment made to the Law in 2018, these amounts and the number of jobs were reduced. Thus it has become more attractive to get foreign investors to Turkey's economy.

Another convenience is the abolition of the reciprocity rule that was previously applied in the purchase of real estate. The reciprocity rule means that in order for a foreign citizen to buy a real estate from a different country, these two countries have to allow each other to obtain a real estate from a different country.

Thanks to this rule removed in 2012 by the decision of the President, has facilitated the making of foreign real estate investment in Turkey.

A foreigner can obtain Turkish citizenship by investment by choosing one of the investment methods mentioned below.

Obtaining Turkish Citizenship by Making Fixed Capital Investment



The foreign investor should make a fixed investment, not less than $ 500 thousand. Apart from the dollar, there may be an amount equivalent to this amount in Turkish Lira and foreign currency. This investment amount, which was 2 million dollars before the regulation of the law, forced foreign investors. After revision, implementation has been made easy. The investor must prove his fixed capital investment with the Certificate of Conformity from the Ministry of Industry and Technology.


• Obtaining Turkish Citizenship by Depositing to the Bank


The foreign investor should deposit a minimum of 500 thousand Dollars or a Turkish Lira or foreign currency deposit in a Turkish bank. While this amount was 3 million dollars in the previous application, it was decreased with the amendment of the Law. The foreign investor should prove this investment with the Certificate of Conformity from the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency. The most important rule in this investment is that this deposit is kept in the bank for 3 years and the person cannot withdraw it.


• Obtaining Turkish Citizenship by Buying Government Debt Instruments


The foreign investor must purchase State Debt securities of at least 500 thousand Dollars or equivalent in Turkish Lira or foreign currency. These debt securities cannot be sold for 3 years. The person proves that he made this investment with the document he received from the Ministry of Treasury and Finance. The investment amount in the old application was 3 million Dollars.

• Obtaining Turkish citizenship with Real Estate Investment Fund Participation Share or Venture Capital Investment Fund Participation

The amount, which was 2 million dollars before the revision of the law, was determined as 500 thousand dollars with the amendment. The investor can apply for Turkish citizenship by acquiring Real Estate Investment Fund Participation Share or Venture Capital Investment Fund Participation Share with this amount or equivalent Turkish Lira or foreign currency. For these investment instruments, which should be kept for 3 years, a Certificate of Conformity is obtained from the Ministry of Treasury and Finance.

• Obtaining Turkish citizenship by Providing Employment for 50 People;

Foreign investors can apply for Turkish citizenship by providing employment opportunities for at least 50 people and proving this situation with a document from the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services.

• Obtaining Turkish citizenship by investing $ 250,000 in Real Estate;

Applications can be made to the Turkish Citizenship by Investment with a minimum purchase of real estate worth to 250 thousand dollars. Or it can be equal amount in Turkish Lira or other currecies. An important issue here is this; Real estate purchased cannot be sold for 3 years. In addition, the annotation of "3 years can not be sold" must be put to the records in the land registry.

As it is seen, the most cost-effective and easiest method of obtaining Turkish citizenship is the purchase of real estate.

MELARES Turkey Properties offers a rich portfolio with real estate alternatives suitable for Turkish citizenship.

Looking at the statistics in recent years, it is seen that the number of foreigners who want to gain Turkish citizenship through investment has also increased rapidly.

What are the advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment?

- You do not have to speak Turkish and take the exam.

- You do not need to live in Turkey to apply for Turkish citizenship. Even if you are abroad, your procedures are dealt with with a power of attorney that you will give to your lawyer.

- You don't have to declare your wealth.

- The Republic of Turkey allows dual citizenship.

Turkish Citizenship Statistics by Investment

Turkish lands are one of the most ideal countries to live and invest with their nature, seas, people, culture. Giant investments made every day will always be attractive with international standards of education and health infrastructure and job opportunities.

Indeed, when we look at official data of Turkey Statistical Institute and the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs, it can be seen that every year it has been increasing the number of foreigners who obtain Turkish citizenship by investment of real estate.

Looking at the 1-year period between September 2018 and September 2019, the number of Turkish citizens with their families is 9,962. Foreign investors who acquire Turkish citizenship through investment in 2019 are remarkable.

Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Egypt, Libya, Lebanon, Saint Kitts and Nevis Federation, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Sudan, Russia, Algeria, the United States.

The factors such as the conveniences that Turkey Republic is provide, construction companies' financial conveniences they offer to their customers, increase in value of real estate investments also support the foreigners to buy housing in Turkey.


According to the latest data in 2020, the first choice of the foreigners is the province of Istanbul for housing. It shows an increase of 21% compared to the same periods of the previous year. At the beginning of 2020, other provinces, primarily preferred in Turkey respectively, Antalya, Ankara, Bursa, Yalova.

The main countries engaged in real estate investment in Turkey in the first months of 2020, Iraq, Iran, Russia, Afghanistan, Yemen, Jordan, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Palestine.

Benefits of Achieving Turkish Citizenship

• Foreigners who acquire Turkish citizenship afterwards through investment have the same rights as those who are Turkish citizens by birth.

• The conditions in Turkish heritage law also apply to those who are Turkish citizens afterwards.

• The person's family and children under the age of 18 also obtain Turkish citizenship.

• You can benefit of the strong Turkish health system.

• You can benefit of quality educational institutions.

• You can vote.

Notably Istanbul, you can buy a a luxury apartment or a villa overlooking the sea or lake or forest in Turkey. Or if you wish you can invest in commercial real estate. MELARES Turkey Properties will offer you a wide range of property alternatives.


In order to achieve Turkish citizenship by real estate investment, MELARES' expert Buyer Consultants also provide services in your own language. In addition, your Turkish citizenship application and processes are carried out cost-effectively and smoothly thanks to our experienced and expert lawyers.