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Turkish Citizenship
by Property Investment

Turkey is one of the most important countries for the entire world that every year millions of tourists wonder and visit. With its cultural infrastructure, with natural beauty appeal to different tastes, modern and at the same time with traditional lifestyle, Turkey is an attractive place for foreigners each semester. Beyond seeing these beauties, the demands of foreigners to become Turkish citizens have increased rapidly in recent years. Especially to be Turkish citizens with real estate investment, it has attracted many people of different nationalities to Turkey.


But, how to get Turkish citizenship by property investment? Is it difficult to obtain Citizenship of Turkey by investment? You can find the answers to all these questions in our article below.

What Is the Easiest Way to Get Turkish Citizenship?

There may be different ways to obtain Turkish citizenship for a foreign citizen.

For a minimum of USD 500.000;


  • You can purchase Real Estate Investment Fund Participation Share or Venture Capital Investment Fund Participation Share,
  • You can make Deposits to banks operating in Turkey,
  • You can buy Government Debt Securities,
  • You can make Fixed Capital Investments.


* Apart from this, you can obtain Turkish citizenship by Providing Employment for at least 50 people.


However, these methods are laborious as well as costly.

However, by doing only worth of 250,000 US dollars (equivalent Turkish Lirası or different currency), Real Estate Investment in Turkey, you can able to get Turkish citizenship with a cost more affordable.

In recent years, the increase in the number of real estate purchases for Turkish citizenship of foreigners shows that obtaining Turkish citizenship is more attractive to real estate investment.

The practice decision of obtaining Turkish citizenship by real estate investment was made in 2017, and there was a minimum of 1 million USD real estate investment conditions at that time.

In September 2018, with the decision of the President, the real estate investment amount was reduced to a minimum of 250 thousand USD.


Buna bağlı olarak; Türk vatandaşlığı başvurularında aşağıdaki hususlara dikkat edilmelidir.


>>> In order to apply for Turkish citizenship with properties purchased between January 12, 2017, and September 18, 2018, your real estate amount must be at least 1 million US dollars or equivalent in Turkish Lira or foreign currency.

>>> Turkish citizenship applications cannot be done with real estates purchased before January 12, 2017 (even if the value is at least 1 million US dollars).

>>> Turkish citizenship applications cannot be done for the properties within the scope of the real estate sales promise agreement issued before December 7, 2018.

If you want to acquire citizenship and do a profitable investment by buying real estate, in the sections below, you can find summary information about the steps to be taken and the required documents to obtain Turkish citizenship.


To buy real estate Turkey you can contact MELARES Turkey Properties.


*** Before applying for Turkish citizenship, we recommend you that contact the competent authorities to obtain up-to-date information.



Which Steps You Should Follow to Achieve Turkish Citizenship by Property Investment?


In order to obtain citizenship of Turkey by investment, you can acquire one or more properties with a minimum value of 250.000 Dollars or more. In order to achieve Turkish citizenship by property investment, you must simply perform the following steps.


1. To Take Tax Registration Number

By referring to any of the tax offices operating in Turkey, Tax Registration Number can be easily retrieved.

2. To Open an Account at Turkish Bank

In order for money transfers to be made through bank accounts, an account must be opened in the name of you in a Turkish bank. A few simple information and documents are sufficient for this, such as the original passport, tax registration number, and a public invoice with your current address.

3. To Determine the Real Estate

In order to apply for citizenship, you must find a property worth to at least $ 250,000 that you need to buy. Here, you should pay attention to two important issues.

The construction of the property you will buy must be completed or close to completion. In addition, the property's Construction Servitude (Floor Easement) must be established or the Title Deed must be ready.

4. To Get Real Estate Valuation Report

Before real estate purchases are made, it should be determined whether the relevant property is at the value specified in the Law for Turkish citizenship.

It should be stated in the report that will be taken from an expert company approved by the Capital Markets Board, that the property is at least $ 250,000.

5. To Complete Real Estate Purchases

The purchase of the property can be done in 2 ways. If a purchase is to be made from new or ongoing construction, the title deed may not be ready yet. In these cases, the Real Estate Sales Promise Agreement is signed and the purchase is made.

If you are going to buy from a place which the construction is completed or the title deed is ready even if it is still under construction, the purchasing process is completed by transferring the title deed on your behalf.

In order to be official and can be proved with a document, the real estate value must be sent via the bank. This money transfer from the buyer's account to the seller's account is an important consideration for your real estate purchase.

In order to apply for Turkish citizenship by property investment, there is a condition that you will not sell the property you bought for 3 years. Therefore, the annotation of “cannot be sold for 3 years” is recorded in the land registry records.

6. To Receive Certificate of Conformity

After the purchase process is completed and the title deed transfer takes place, a Certificate of Conformity must be obtained from the General Directorate of Land Registry.

In order to obtain a certificate of conformity, the bank's money transfer document, the Real Estate Valuation Report and the “can not be sold 3 years” annotation on the title deed are required.

The certificate of conformity confirms that all transactions are carried out in accordance with the provisions of the law. In this way, you go one step further towards becoming a Turkish citizen.

7. To Apply for Residence Permit

The previous step before the citizenship application is the Residence Permit application. You can get a residence permit with your application to the Provincial Immigration Administration.

8. To Apply for Turkish Citizenship

Application for citizenship of Turkey by investment is made to the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs. Other documents required for citizenship must be complete, including a residence permit. Your application will be examined by the official authorities.

If there is no situation restricted by law or threatening national security, the Provincial Security Directorate will invite you to conduct an interview and get your fingerprint at the approval stage of the application.

When your citizenship eligibility is determined at the end of all processes, your Turkish citizenship process is approved.


Advantages of Buying Property and Participating in Turkish Citizenship Program with MELARES


MELARES Turkey Properties is a Turkish company focused on the construction industry since 2003. It prioritizes the needs of real estate investors with its dominance in Turkish properties, especially in Istanbul, its multinational team of Turkish and foreign employees, knowledge, and experience.


MELARES, which specializes in many issues such as sectoral analysis, price strategies, and region values, always provides you with the most accurate guidance in all your real estate and Turkish citizenship processes.

There are many advantages of working with MELARES to own a property in Turkey and to obtain Turkish citizenship by property investment.

* To Fill the Citizenship Program Application Form

The application form you transmit to us via our web site about real estate you want to buy in Turkey are carefully examined by our experts Buyer advisor and contacted you.

* To Present Suitable Portfolios

Expert Buyer Consultant analyzes your needs regarding your property search for Turkish citizenship and offers you alternatives accordingly.

* To Determine the Appointment

An appointment is created for you to visit the properties that are suitable for you on-site. In this regard, your Buyer Consultant will determine the most suitable day and time for your appointment in Istanbul with you.

* To Meet at the Airport and Transfer

Along with the Buyer's Consultant, one of our Turkish Sales Managers will be ready at the airport at the predefined day and time. Thanks to the Buyer Consultant who can speak your native language, you will not have any difficulties in communication.

MELARES has 2 Communication Points at Istanbul Airport International Arrival Terminal. If needed, you can get the necessary help from these contact points.

We will bring you to our head office with the service of our company for you to get to know us better and for a preliminary assessment of the properties.

* Preliminary Assessment of the Real Estates for Citizenship

Necessary evaluations are made with you in our head office, by offering suitable property alternatives for Turkish citizenship by property investment.

* Free Real Estate Tour and Property Promotions

We will include you in our FREE PROPERTY TOUR with our company shuttle so that you can see the agreed real estate alternatives and regions on site.

The real estate tour is an important opportunity for you to see the Istanbul real estate and regional features. Any questions you wonder during the tour are answered by our expert team, and detailed information is given about the region and its properties.

* To Decide on Real Estate

After the real estate tour, the evaluation of the visited places is made once again between you and our team. It is our priority to ensure that you make the most sensible decision when buying a property outside your country.

* Meeting with Experienced Lawyers of MELARES

Turkish citizenship applications and process follow-up should be done through expert lawyers. There may also be dozens of questions or concerns in the real estate investor's mind.  The stages of citizenship are explained detailly in the meeting held with the expert company lawyers who are also experienced in Turkish citizenship processes. In addition, you are informed about the legal status of the property you will buy.

It is important for us to make you benefit from the knowledge and experience of our lawyers and make purchases with peace of mind.

* To Complete Purchases and Official Transactions

After deciding which property to buy, it is time to complete formal transactions. In this process, the experienced team of MELARES acts with you in all matters such as opening an account at the Turkish bank, signing the contract, payment of the property, and title deed transactions. Thus, your transactions can be done easily and quickly between 2 and 4 days.

* To Apply for a Turkish Residence Permit

Following the purchasing process, your application for a Turkish residence permit is made before you apply for Turkish citizenship. You don't have to worry about this process, too, because our company lawyers make this process easier for you.

* To Apply for Turkish Citizenship

When you come to the application phase of Turkish citizenship, the process is almost completed. In this process that you will carry out through our lawyers, you will get all kinds of sufficient information about current practices and procedures.

*To Get the Turkish Passport

Behind your citizenship application, our lawyers follow all processes meticulously and inform you at every stage. Once your Turkish citizenship is approved as a result of the assessment made by the official authorities, it is now time to take a breath.

You can enjoy obtaining Turkish citizenship by property investment.


Shortly, Why Should you work with MELARES?


As a foreigner, purchasing real estate in a different country and applying for citizenship is a difficult decision. You need real professionals to realize your decision in a place where you do not know your language, legal procedures, and regions very well.


It is a fact that an accurate and reliable Real Estate Company, and also  Expert Lawyers leads you to the best and profitable result.


> With our 18 years of experience and rich property portfolio, we ensure you purchase the most suitable property for Turkish citizenship.


> With our Expert Call Center and Sales Team also with our service opportunity in different foreign languages, we facilitate your work by taking your side in all processes.


> We offer you meticulous and cost-effective service with the knowledge and experience of our lawyers who are experts in Turkish citizenship processes.


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