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Turkish Breakfast:
Indispensable Ingredients in Breakfast & Ceremony

Turkish breakfast is one of the best things about the food in Turkey.  If someone says I do not like to have breakfast probably never heard about Turkish Breakfast.

Turkish Breakfast that we are talking about it is more than a healthy meal it also desirable. As everybody knows breakfast is the most important meal of all the others.


American Breakfast or English Breakfast are also popular are delicious but every person who has breakfast in Turkey says that is more than a meal it is a ceremony. Hence our breakfast starts with cheeses, tomatoes and cucumber, olives, jambon, and of course egg. These are followed by the sweet part of the breakfast. These are kaymak and honey, jams, etc. Ceremony finish with Turkish coffee or tea. Turkish tea is the headliner of this ceremony. Because Turkish breakfast starts with Turkish tea, continue and finish with it. But each of them has its own preparation method.








Cheese is a must for Turkish breakfast. If it is possible, there should be variety. Feta cheese is classy. Tulum cheese, kashar cheese, string cheese, and hellim cheese are the commonly serves ones.



 Tomatoes and Cucumber


In Turkish breakfast, these two become a couple and never get separates from the other. They do not serve without the others. The serving method is simple. Chop them all, put olive oil on them, squeeze a half of the lemon and in the end, put some ingredients. Salt, chili pepper, and thyme. That is all!





Olives are the third main thing in Turkish Breakfast. Black and green olive is totally enough. If you prepared everything until here and add a sunny side up to them, it is ready. Congrats! Your basic Turkish breakfast is ready!






Cooking eggs for Breakfast has different variations. The first one is Menemen. Generated from the meeting veggies and eggs meeting with ingredients. It is a classy in Turkish Breakfast. Another option is scrambled eggs with garlic sausages. This garlic sausage's name is Sucuk. It's spicy, tasty, and goes amazing with eggs. The third option is the basic one. It is fired eggs. But this is a bit different than the others. Eggs cook in a copper pan and serve with it.


Honey and Kaymak


Kaymak is a unique cream thick than the heavy cream. Kaymak goes well with any nectared desert, honey, and jam. But catches the best harmony with honey. That is why honey and kaymak became irreplaceable of the Turkish breakfast. No one can say no to honey and kaymak spread on fresh hot bread.



Turkish Tea


A good Turkish Breakfast starts with Turkish Tea and never ends till the end of the breakfast. If you have breakfast in a restaurant, They serve you a big pot. The reason is everyone can fill their tea anytime they want.




Pisi and Acuka


Pisi and acuka do not serve all the time when you order Turkish breakfast. But when it comes to you, it will make your happiness double. These two couple also never serve without the other. Acuka is a thick sauce make with tomato paste, pepper paste, butter, garlic, walnuts. Moreover, added different types of chilly ingredients to it. Pisi is fried dough. It is salty and crunchy than a pancake. The combination of tastes is delicious. If you have enough space in your stomach, you should definitely try that.



Turkish Begal


Turkish begal or with the original name Simit is the general name given to round bread covered with sesame seeds. Bread goes well with our breakfast. But simit is better. You can find it anywhere. In the street, metro stations, or bakery. But the taste is different. The one that sells in the street taste is bitter and crunchy in the bakery, it is sweet and soft. Both are delicious and becomes lovely when it is meet with the Turkish breakfast.


In conclusion, you do not need to look for the best Turkish breakfast place in Turkey. They are all great. It shows differences when you go to another city in Turkey. According to city features somethings, my added. But basic things never change. For Turkish foods click the link.